We're Off To See The Wizard!

The boy wizard that is. We are off to the city to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And then next Saturday the final book comes out.


We have followed the story since the first book came out. If all goes as planned, I will venture out early Saturday morning and buy copies of the book…they will sit on the kitchen table until Hannah comes home from work at noon and then the marathon will begin.  We will all read at the same time, calling out when we are at the end of a chapter.  If one must stop for some reason, then we all stop.  We then resume when all are ready.  It is just how we have done it since the beginning of the series.  When all of us are finished, we will then begin the discussions!  We each have our favorites…I love the first and 5th books.  Rachel loves #2.  Hannah #6.  None of us love Harry!  I am very attached to the Weasley Family.  I love the burrow ~ especially the kitchen!  

I will give you a little review tomorrow!   

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We just got back from hubby’s work picnic. We saw the movie in IMAX, it was AWESOME!! The last 20 minutes was 3-d. It wasn’t the kind of IMAX that surrounds you it was like a regular movie screen but it was ceiling to floor. We loved the movie, there wasn’t a dull moment. We were afraid to blink!!! If we had been a minute later it would have been sold out, the place was packed and at the end everyone applauded. So did you guys like it?


wow! Sounds like a great way to read the book together! I’m jealous. Dh isn’t into the books.