WOW! Now that is a pot of stew!!

I dont think I mentioned that we got a new upright frost free freezer on Tuesday.  Well we did and it was much needed.  We had a 10 year old NOT frost free chest type that I hated with a passion.  The lid was wonky.  I am not tall enough to get to the stuff in the bottom.  Consequently when we cleaned it out I had about 75 bags of English peas that I had no idea I had!  Anywho…the biggest and baddest upright canNOT hold all that a large chest type can.  So we really needed to cook some meat we had from last year’s deer season.  Husband had a couple of roasts that he had intended for stew purposes so yesterday morning before we went to the dentist, he put them on to cook.  And when we returned he commenced the stew…OH MY – quite possibly the best he has ever made and that is saying something.  He will get me the recipe typed up later on. 


Yes that is a water bath canner he is making it in!  I dont know about you but if I made something that HUGE, I would never get it seasoned just right.  This was delish!  And perfectly seasoned.  I do know it had Spanish paprika and Chipotle but that’s all I witnessed because I was playing with cookies during that time.  My mom does NOT eat venison of any sort, cooked any way so I baked her a couple of pieces of Tilapia and made her a pot of those English Peas, corn and French bread for her supper.  I made enough so she’d have lunch today.  She is just not up to cooking these days.  

Oldest Daughter, if you read this, you really missed a perfect pot of stew!  Wish y’all had come over to eat!   But…rest assured there was a couple of gallons left!  Actually I think we put one 2 gallon bag, two 1 gallon bags and 5 quarts in the freezer.  I am thinking maybe I can talk him into making a pot of his Famous Chicken Soup before he goes back to work.  I love being able to go to the freezer and get supper he cooked for us.  So…I know I still owe recipes…and now this one. 

Oh…one more thing…I added an item to the LOVE giveaway!  It’s a surprise!  But trust me, you will LOVE it! 

Believe it or not, we are off to the city again today…Husband has to have some immunizations for work, Hannah has an eye appointment, and then all the kids have check ups at the pediatrician.  Might slip into the kitchen store and book store if we have time. Have a great day! 

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mmm yum I’ve been making alot of that lately too, there’s nothing like a good pot of stew to warm u up over winter 🙂