Big Ol' Birthday Coming Up! Psssss…a giveaway too!

cupcakea.jpgYep…VERY soon I will be 48 years old.  On August 14th at 3:12 pm I will turn 48 years old. WOW-almost grown up!  How many of you know the exact moment you came into this world?  When I was a little girl we never celebrated my birthday until on or after 3:12.  I would bet my mom will call me on my birthday, and tell me happy birthday and then say “well, not until 3:12 this afternoon.”  Now dont ask me why it was/is a big deal.  I have no idea.  My kids always ask me what time they were born – maybe they are just testing me.  With six, it is possible for me to forget.   Anywho…to the news…last give away before Halloween…so get your name it, pass this info around to all your friends, I want to break a record here – most comments ever! On my blog of course…not ever, ever.   Leave me a birthday wish, thought, note…or just to say “Dang! You are getting OLD!”And I will put your name in the trusty mason jar and on my birthday at 3:12 pm (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.) I will draw a name…and they will be VERY happy to get a VERY special box from me.  Yeah, I know it is customary to GET gifts on your birthday but I think it is better to give than receive – unless you just feel moved to send me something…I wouldn’t send it back…unless it was a dog…or a bill…or the pox.  You know I am kidding.  I do love doing the giveaways…and this one will be the bestest yet! AND a surprise…no hints, no peeking.  Birthday presents are supposed to be a surprise!

Now another interesting announcement: I will be having an ONLINE booksale very soon.  So keep an eye out.  If you havent subscribed to my blog, now would be a good time.  I have more books than some libraries and I need to clean out (remember the picture of our schoolroom?).  There will be all sorts of books, all sorts of subjects for all ages.  I havent exactly decided how I am going to do it, but I am working on that.    So if you are a book fiend like me, stay tuned.  

So, that’s it for today.  I will have several recipes typed up by tomorrow…proofing them this evening.  And I will post them this weekend.  Have a great weekend!

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Happy birthday! I was born at 7:40 a.m. on November 8. I just learned the other day at my dd’s future MIL has the same birthdate as I do! Isn’t that cool?

Hey! I looked up “droll” Nance! I don’t know about this! Definition: odd, funny, funny in an odd way…waggish…buffoon, fat little fellow, goblin!!! Are you sure it is a compliment!?HAHA!

Shelly Jo, my dad and my mother in law had the same birthday. It is very cool! Oh and by the way…November 8 was my inlaws’ anniversary!

Happy upcoming birthday! My youngest uncle (just 5 years older than me) shares your birthday. Hope you get spoiled rotten on your big day! Can’t wait for the book sale!

My kids have asked when they where born to I don’t give them a time just a reference like near after dinner, after lunch or in the middle of the night. I am not sure why that interests them but it does. Take care Sunshine


So glad to hear we share the same birthday month..Mine is the 9th..will be 53 years young..had my first grandchild last year and I feel great. I am his caregiver two days a week and it is the BEST!! So you have a great birthday. I love your are sweet..Love Anne



I really enjoy your blog. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more.

Happy birthday! May it be a tremendously blessed day!

Oh my! 58 comments on you getting old?! Well here’s number 59 coming at you with a big ‘ole “pinch to grow an inch” (or at your age; not shrink an inch). I can’t wait to see what kind of cake you bake yourself.

Oh, and I was born at 5:12am on November 15th.

Auntie M.

You’re younger than springtime.
Happy Birthday!

You all are too too sweet! I cant wait to do the drawing! I am just hanging out today..feeling a little punkish again…maybe outdid myself earlier in the week with all the running around and such. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend…I know you are making mine! Such a lovely bunch.


Happy Birthday girl!! I just turned 48 myself in June, kinda sad knowing the big 50 is alot closer! But I had a giveaway for my birthday too, it did help with the sadness! lol Can’t wait to see who wins and the book sale too! Have a GREAT one!

Happy birthday to YOU!!! I turned 48 this year myself…on March 18th at 10:38a.m. as a matter of fact! 🙂 I am also a twin – she was 8 minutes older but, sadly, she didn’t live more than 4 hours.
And I am the 52nd or 52 grandchildren on my mom’s side…as she is the baby of 14!

Do those of us who actually know when we were born get an extra name in the jar? lol Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<


Wishing you a most memorable and joyous 48th Birthday!

Julie Druck

MY birthday is August 3, so we share the same birthday month! Happy birthday a few weeks earlier!!
Julie D.

Happy Happy Birthday To YOU !!!!!! Hope it’s wonderful. I think I was born at like 9 something in the evening. My oldest son was born at 1:20am on April 1st and my little one was 1 something pm on December 19th.

I am just wishing you a great B-day (with no punches to “grow on” either! (c:} my birth time is 7:07 pm on a Tuesday (if memory serves correctly….lol) — thank you for offering this surprise too!

take care and hugs~~


Happy birthday to you…We are looking forward to hearing how you celebrated.
Keep up the good work.


Happy, happy 48th birthday! What a joyous occasion. Oh, to be 48 again, it is past tense for me! Hope you have a good one!

Happy Birthday to you! Actually we almost share a birthday! I was born 52 years ago on August 13th at a little past 1 in the afternoon! I’m not sure which day of the week it was but I think it was a Thursday, but I could be wrong and it might be a Saturday! I’ll have to ask her mom when I call her later today! Anyhoo! I hope you have a great one!


Happy almost birthday to you.

I was born on 2/22 at 12:22 AM.

I am a few years older than you.

Happy Birthday! 48 seems lovely to me 🙂

A most happy birthday to you!
I am SO looking forward to your book sale! You always post about the best things so I can’t wait to see what kind of books you have!

Laura of Harvest Lane

I do wish you the happiest of birthdays. My mom always made a big deal of saying I was born at 10:13 CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME. Why that was so important to emphasize I really don’t know. I guess she wanted me to know the precise moment I changed her life!

God bless you with many many more birthdays,

Jeanie Butler

Many happy returns from smoky Montana! My husband was gone at work (as a fireman) on my birthday as well, and it was a little lonely. I spent the day with my 2 girls, and we had a nice time.I hope you have a great day.

Glynnis McCulley

happy birthday to you!! the 14th is also my dad’s birthday– he will be 57 years young.

hope you have a wonderful birthday spent with the ones you love =)

Connie C.

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! You are still a YOUNG girl—-don’t seem a soon-to-be 48 at all. I love reading your blog–it’s both entertaining and informative. I look forward each day to see what’s going on with you–love your writing style. Glad your surgery is over, but continue to take it easy. Your body probably needs longer than you think to recover. Just want you to know—I admire your parenting skills so much and your close-knit family. Hope you continue to feel better and again, Happy Birthday!

First, Happy Birthday !!!! I hope you have a great one !!

Second, I have loved reading all of your “Birthday Greetings” here, it really gives you a chance to “see a person” when their friends stop by to say hello.

I have really enjoyed your blog and soap. I will look forward to the book sale.

Again, Happy Birthday !!

Happy Happy Birthday! Another give-away. I always give a gift on my birthday. I normally bake for others, rather than them baking for me. It is such fun to do that, and unexpected by others. Please sign me up for your give-away. I know firsthand how awesome your gift will be for the winner!!

Thanks again for the gorgeous hanky and delightful SB book. I so love everything!! xoxo

Happy Birthday! May God bless you and yours on your special day!


August 14 at 8:04 am is my birthday, and I’ll be 36! Happy birthday to you and I hope you have a grand day! I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and am thoroughly enjoying it!

November 8th is my birthday and anniversary, too! I was married on my 20th birthday.


Well, I guess I checked in on your blog at just the right time. Enjoyed your latest posts…yes, I’d treasure some handwritten recipes from my grandmothers/great aunts too. I love Lemony Snicket! Read most of the series myself…kids a little young for it yet.
And I wish you a Happy Birthday! My mom has always been proud of her age & it doesn’t bother me either (aging). I was born on a Tuesday at 7:45 pm & my only sibling was born 15 months later on a Tuesday at 4:57 pm. Of course, he had the better birthday as I’m born 2 weeks after Christmas, & he on Memorial day (we had a pool, so lots of pool parties). Hey, kids that weren’t even invited asked to come to his parties.;)


48 isn’t old I’m just a bit older 49 and I’m just hitting my stride! Have a happy happy day


Happy Birthday! My birthdate is April 13, 1963, 4:48 p.m.

I can’t wait to try your spaghetti sauce recipe, sounds wonderful.


Hoping that you have a very special birthday on the 14th. I can’t (or won’t) say that you’re getting old, because then I’d have to admit that I am too, seeing that I turned 48 back in March. Many blessings to you.



I just found your blog today. I too found “treasures” recently. When my Mom passed away we boxed up alot of papers/notebooks that I didn’t have time to go through.

As I stumbled across the box recently I noticed a notebook that had my great-aunt’s hand-written recipes! What a treasure! Everyone in the family remembers her wonderful pies. I’ve got to find a way to preserve these and share with the family.
I love your idea of framing some of the pages.

I think gifting someone else on your birthday is a wonderful idea! It’s always a gift when we can make someone smile isn’t it? I think I’ll bake someone something sweet for my birthday (besides me!:) this year.

I wish you a wonderful, fulfilling, warm & fuzzy beautiful birthday!


Well, happy birthday, you young thing!! I hope it is a very special day for you — may it be filled with blessings from 3:12 pm on!! (And maybe even a few before then!)


All my kids kept me up all night during labor except one-none of my five were born during the day. Three were born in the middle of the night, so when they get up they are one year older.
My second son was born at 7:30 a.m. so if he wakes up before that we don’t consider him a year older yet.
My poor youngest dd-she was born after 9 p.m. She has to wait until the day after her birthday to be a day older!
Maybe I’m weird, but it makes a difference to me, lol.
Please enter me in your drawing. I hope your birthday is terrific!

Well, I don’t know about the most comments ever but I have to say I juststumbled upon your blog today and it has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen, EVER! I hope you have the happiest birthday possible filled with love and joy, and yellow/orange kitties, LOL. i would love to be entered into to your give away jar.

Pam Riley

I am definitely going to try your spaghetti sauce recipe. It sounds fantastic!

I just started reading your blog tonight and am enjoying it immensely. From one 4o-something to another, I wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Please enter my name in your generous birthday surprise giveaway. It would be an honor to be the recipient.


Just found your blog through Amber @ The Shabee Chick! Love it so far!
And wishing you a Happy Birthday, a day early!


just came across your blog today-LOVE IT! Happy Birthday!