Feeling Groovy

It is just amazing how having close to the right amount of blood will make you feel so much better than having half as much as needed.  When Mom arrived for her transfusion her hemoglobin was at 7.  And since a woman’s normal level is 12-14, this is remarkably TOO low. During the first few hours of her transfusion she rested and was fairly okay but as the day wore on she got less and less patient and more down and even weepy a few times. I told her I thought she was expecting too much to feel really good right away.  While I have never had a transfusion, just know as little as I know, leads me to believe it is hard on your body to intake blood.  The nurses said yes indeed it was difficult and when you already feel so weak it is very difficult.  But by that night she was feeling much better and had a very good day yesterday.  Before the transfusion she was even unable to get to the bathroom and was having to use the potty chair.  Yesterday she put in a load of clothes to wash and stayed off her oxygen for quite a long time, laughing and visiting with us. Oldest daughter and her husband came and stayed the afternoon. My kids crack her up and especially my girls who are like a comedy troupe.   I don’t want her to overdo it but in the scheme of things, doing something even if it tires her completely out, is better for her emotional state. 

She had many phone calls yesterday and was able to laugh and talk and still function.  Again a very remarkable improvement.  Even an old neighbor called her.  And I mean old as in they have known each other 35 years and old as in this lady is 94 years old and still fairly active.  She also talked to her two best friends in the world (besides me of course!).  Her best friend since she was 7 years old – yep 70 years of memories with this woman and another dear friend she has known for 40 years.  All in all she was feeling rather groovy last night when I talked to her just before bedtime.  I think my brother (the one just younger than me) is coming to spend the day with her today.  And then my oldest will be here sometime Monday to stay a few days with her, be gone a couple and then back to stay while Husband and I are gone. 

I forgot to report that my daughters bought me the complete set of DVDs of The Vicar of Dibley for my birthday…they were a couple of days after my b-day coming in and I forgot I hadnt share this!  What a great gift!!! I love all things British as I have mentioned before but I especially love this series!


Simply, some of the finest in British comedy (in my humble opinion).  If you watch it you will recognize characters from Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Harry Potter (GOF), Poirot…and many others that I cant recall this early.   

Enjoy your Sunday and I will try to post a recipe or two later on.  

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Going to have to check that out. We, here at the chocolatechic house love all things British as well.

I was so excited about something else British to watch, that I forgot to say that I am so glad that your mom is feeling perky.

I am a VofD fan too! Dawn French was also on ‘French & Saunders’ (you know…Edwina from ABFAB). Anywho…just wanted to raise my hand as another fan of the Vicar’s.

hugs-Peg Graham

so glad to hear that your mom had a good day. that is so wonderful for her to have a day like that.

i’m so glad the blood made such a positive impact on the way your mother is feeling! what a relief that must be for you! and how nice for her to be able to enjoy her day!


oh my goodness! the vicar of dibley is one of my favorites, too! my husband bought the complete set for me a few years ago. this past christmas i got the complete set of keeping up appearances. it is also a hilarious british comedy.

You will love Vicar of Dibley. I just love the music at the beginning of the show. It makes me feel all “goosepimply”, no no no not to quote Alice, or anything. I love all of the characters, like the Letitia Croply, the Dibley poisoner and Frank, the most boring man on the planet, Alice, the village idiot (according to David Horton) Hugo, Owen Newitt . . . you name it, they are all wonderful characters! It’s a shame they only made a couple of series of it. If you like this there are alot of others that you might like as well. Shows like Only Fools and Horses, Keeping Up Appearance, Goodnight Sweetheart, and Open All Hours. True gems they are one and all.