Happy Birthday Hannah! AND 17 Hours and Counting!


Yesterday was Hannah’s 19th birthday and I am afraid cupcakes was the extent of the celebrations. As always I gave her money and she already had things picked out to order from Amazon. By the way I think if you order from Amazon after clicking through from my website (see My Amazon Store in the right side menu) I get credit. Anywho, she took the day off from work and lounged and watched TV most of the day. Maybe next year we can have a better, more focused celebration and maybe even a real party.

If all flights stay on schedule today I will pick Husband up in a little under 17 hours. None too soon. I spoke to him again last night about 9:30 and he was wide awake after being use to getting up for work at that time. He is just as anxious to get home and I am to have him home.

My mom came through her surgery well. She might beg to differ since she is in considerable pain now. Bladder spasms have been almost constant since the surgery. However she will get the catheter out this morning and that should help some. By all accounts she will probably come home tomorrow. She has had numerous tests done as well and now the thought is that quite possibly we will contact an oncologist to manage this stage of her illness in order to prevent her from actually hemorrhaging to death. Dr. C. seem to think there might be something in the way of radiation or chemo that would lessen the progress of the actual tumors in her bladder. He told me it would however not lengthen her life it just might make the end less painful. He was trying very hard to not give false hope and was very blunt about the fact that this cancer is spreading and would eventually take her life. But hemorrhaging might be prevented. Much of it will depend on if and when they can determine if the cancer in her lungs is a primary or the same as in her bladder. I thought we had already determined that but evidently not. I think actually the cancer in her bladder is such an aggressive cancer that we just assumed so and the pulmonary doctor thought a lung biopsy was just too risky given all the medical circumstances.

When I talked to her last night just before bedtime, about all I got in the way of information was that she and demerol do not mix well. I honestly believe today will have to be much better or she will not come home until the weekend. Husband and I are scheduled to leave on Monday so I really need to get her home and settled before then. I won’t be far away so I am still planning to go. I spoke to her dr and he say “GO!” There will come a time very soon when I can’t so, while I can do so. Dr’s orders.

Obviously my posting will be willy nilly and quite possibly very boring for the next while. I might see about getting someone (maybe a daughter Hint Hint) to be a guess poster for a bit. We will see. Have a wonderful Thursday.

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First of all mazal tov and yom huledet sameach to Hannah!!
Second, B”H, thank G-d, your mother came through the surgery well. G-d is the final say on what happens with your mother, so we will continue praying for her health.
I do agree with the doc though, go with you beloved, you both need this time.
I am sorry I missed your call, I hope to talk to you later today.

I am so sorry about your mom. I didn’t realize just how far advanced her cancer was.

I am with the doc…go on your weekend. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

Hugs and happy birthday to Hannah

happy birthday hannah! may all your dreams come true!
have your time with your husband…..the time you spend with him now will help sustain you in days to come!
i continue to keep your family in my prayers!


hey girl, just checking to make sure all we well!

…I wish I had words to convey how sorry I am that your mom is suffering so…even tho’ we don’t know one another, I hate it for her…and for you…