MaryJanesFarm NEW Farmgirl Products Announcement!

So this is pretty huge…VERY huge in fact! As you all know, if you have been reading my blog for very long, I am a soapmaker. I have been in business for well…a long time, almost 10 years! Been making soap for twice that long. Anywho…I sold the internet part of my business back in May. And began working on a special line of products for


WOW…what a group of people to work with! The talent and creativity is simply unbelievable. Add to that integrity and a work ethic that is unparalleled!

I invite you to zip right over to MaryJane’s website and check out Lotions & Potions!


I am over the moon I tell you!!!

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Oh, congratulations!!! I am just as thrilled as you are, as now I have a source for your wonderful soaps!!! I love the scent sooooo much, that I brought a bar along to Bermuda to keep in a drawer!
What an amazing opportunity for you!!! :o)

I suppose I need to give a little more detail. If you want Farmgirl Fresh™ soap , the original scent, you can still get it directly from me on my website. If you want to try some scents exclusive to MaryJanesFarm, please check out her website. If you have any questions you may certainly ask them here or email me! Thanks so much for your interest!


Congratulations Susan, the sets look wonderful and I love the Clotheline Fresh scent. I wish you much success. Are you offering the handknit washcloths individially on your website? I’ll go check, just thinking out loud, haha.

Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations….and congratulations 🙂

Oh, hon, this is wonderful …. glad to see you “stepping up” in the world 🙂

Wonderful Susan!! How exciting!!


Wonderful indeed!! Way to go, I love the name!!

Great news! Congratulations! I hadn’t heard of Mary Jane’s Farm until I started blogging and, boy, she is just everywhere. What a wonderful thing for you!

Wow! I am impressed! Congrats to you! I love Mary Janes Farm!

very nice products! congratulations!