Okay, okay…but just a couple.


I am getting very excited about my Birthday Giveaway!  VERY.  So I have this little pile of things started. I can’t stand not telling you a little something!  Now your first hint:

  1. The box will contain a few of my favorite things.  If you read my blog regularly, you might have some ideas. 

I am trying to keep it all contained in a flat rate box…which is moot point if someone outside the US wins!  I think I am going to individually wrap each thing…makes it more of a surprise! Or surprises in this case! If you dont have your name in the jar you better get to it!  Just 6 more days! 


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susan – i love your blog! it’s like everything you do – clean and simple. that’s a compliment!!! it’s my first time, so looking forward to reading. sign me up for that birthday giveaway and i’m hoping it has some of your soap. will try to call you today for a visit.


Just started reading your blog. Very nice. Many more Happy Birthdays. I’m about to have my own 48th. Can’t hardly beleive it. Started dating my husband when I was 14 so it seems like we should still be that young. Please sign me up for your birthday giveaway. What a nice surprise that would be. Regards!!!


You are so cute, you always make me smile. I look forward to my visits.


Please put my name in the jar.
Thank you. 🙂

Oh, I hope I’m not to late. Please put my name in the jar ~ and happy happy birthday month (you do get a WHOLE month, you know!)

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Hello. I am definitely going to try your spaghetti sauce recipe- it sounds delicious!
Please add my name to your birthday surprise giveaway- I would love to be the recipient!

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.


Susan — Happy Birthday!! Hope you have wonderful day.

Please enter my name too.



Enjoying your writings~ Just tried your recipe and the spaghetti sauce was wonderful; thank you for sharing it. Please include me in your drawing.
Happy Birthday!

Just found your site and I hope I’m not too late for the bday drawing. You blog is so cute and I love a girl who shares a good recipe :0)