Question of the Day:

If a yellow or orange kitty finds you close to your birthday can it be considered a gift and non-returnable?

See Husband says two kitties are our limit. NOW. We had three but our sweet sweet Ling Pao passed away last year from feline leukemia. He was a foundling and had it when we got him. I still miss him. He was the sweetest and one of the prettiest cats I have ever seen. Anyway, I would dearly love to have a yellow/orange kitten. But cannot “get” one for myself because of the way I know Husband feels about cats in general. He is definitely NOT a cat person. But he certainly has been very very good about the two we have. He and Seamus have a mutual understanding. Though tis true Seamus is allowed on our bed and has been known to nap on Husband’s feet while we were watching TV. He doesnt feel the same about Mo. Mo is not very intelligent as cats go and tends to still have mishaps that only kittens should have. Plus he wreaks havoc on our front door. Our front door has windows and he hangs on them and claws the door to get our attention to let him in. Instead of meowing like Seamus. As far as I know Seamus has never destroyed anything. Mo…not so. Anyway, Husband and I were talking this morning about what I want for my birthday. Mostly I want him to be home but that isnt going to happen so…a good chef’s knife came up though I have a great deal of trouble believing a knife is worth $150. Plus we have an anniversary then in two weeks. So I suppose there would be no harm in wishing for a kitten as long as I had no hand in the actual acquisition.

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We had a cat that was destructive. I had to get rid of her. I couldn’t continue to replace everything that the cat ruined. It was better that we got rid of the cat.

Hope you get to keep your foundling. That is how we got Grace.

I wouldn’t turn down a $150 chefs knife. Especially if it is a Henkles or a Wulstof.

I think a gift cat is for sure non returnable.
I am not a cat person so much as a dog person..but we have 3 of each. My big old 11 year old orange cat Pumpkin is the best cat ever. More like a dog..and my husband (who IS a cat person for sure) has Alice and Fiona…who are more in your face cats..he loves them.
I think anytime you get a critter for a gift it is a sign you MUST keep them and love them forever. So I hope someone gets you a yellow kitty!!


Well………… are you trying to say you want me to find you an orange and white kitty and drop it off at your doorstep and ding and dodge ??? Hmmmm ??? I told mine I wanted a new kitty for my b-day too and it didn’t work either. My Mom said she would get me one if thats what I wanted but I think Mikey would try to murder it, so I decided against it.
We are off to the big city bright and early this morning. Let me know if you need anything.
P.S. Get your knife if you want it and he wants you to have it!!!! You know you will use the heck out of it.

I like you way of thinking……………….how easy is it for a kitty to ‘find’ you? At my parent’s farm kittens ‘find’ them all. the. time.


Definitley non-returnable. I love my kitties. I have 2, Anna 2 years old very calm and mild tempered and so very very sweet. Bailey 1 1/2 and the total opposite. Into everything, nosey, a complete bully and hot tempered…but very very smart and so sweet when he wants to be. I live alone so not bother with husbands who don’t like cats anymore…another good thing.

well…if he/she were any other colour(s) than orange-and-white, then you might have to return said kitty to whence he/she came…

but I’m afraid Orange-and-White Kitty combined with Birthday Perogative…well…I don’t believe that particular combination can be trumped 🙂

Happy Orange-and-White Kitty Birthday 🙂

I think yellow or orange kittens are completely non-returnable, especially when they show up in time for your birthday. It’s a given then that they must be kept! Oh, how lucky are you! (even if he is a bit destructive) He’ll outgrow that I’m sure! Every orange cat I have ever had has been smart, smart, SMART! They’re the best!

Oh Marie, I dont have the yellow/orange kitty yet, I am just hoping (silly me!) that one might show up. People put animals out on our road (dead end in the country) all the time. Mo (our demolition kitty) is 4 years old…doubt he will out grow anything! But he is the sweetest thing. I cant get too mad at him. He is a beautiful Grey stripe with an “M” on his forehead…”M” for Mo of course!