Start slow and taper off.


This is going to be my program the first two weeks of school.  Husband thought I was a little crazy for starting before September 6th. This will be only the second time in the last 19 years that we started school before Labor Day.  This week we have dr appt on Wednesday, pick him up on Thursday (who will be able to concentrate that day???) and then Friday is his first real day at home so we won’t care much about school.  Then Monday is Labor day PLUS, Husband and I will be gone on our little anniversary trip until Wednesday night.  Not that I won’t leave school work for them.  And if there is a glitch…well Rachel is more than capable of helping Benjamin.  And frankly, we havent run across anything in the last 10 years that Rachel really needed help with besides a couple of math concepts and Hannah can help her if need be.

Mom is doing fairly well.  She told me last night she was pretty sure she is losing blood as rapidly as before if not more so.  I told her not to worry.  Her doctor would have her take more if need be.  She has felt so good this weekend.  She has eat really well and I told her I was making homemade hamburgers for tonight.  My brother is coming down to spend the night with her and visit while he as a couple of days off.  And so I will whip up some gourmet burgers for us tonight.  Of course I will post the recipes and pics tomorrow.

I really do have to get rolling this morning.  Have a wonderful Monday!

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Good to hear about your mother. I pray that she continues to improve. It is too bad that she is still losing blood somehow. Do the doctors know why?

I will remmeber you and your family this week in prayer.

Yippee about your husband coming home !!!!!


Can’t wait to see your burgers and the recipe.. they sound YUMMY!!!

Me too.

Hamburger is on the menu for tonight. I wish that I had your recipe now.

Good news that your mother is feeling better. Hopefully, they will find a way to stop the blood loss, soon.

Enjoy your anniversary trip.

As usual, I am looking forward to your recipes and pics.