TGIF! And Watching the Tropics.

We really need a rain around here. Seriously. It has been over two weeks. The kids told me while I was in town yesterday it rained really, really hard for about 20 seconds. Not enough. I was hoping TS Erin who made landfall yesterday would at least bring us a shower or two but looks like we missed it. But I am being careful what I wish for with Hurricane Dean churning away out in the Caribbean. He looks pretty wicked already.


I know way more about hurricanes than I care to. And the experts are predicting Dean will make it to the Gulf by Tuesday and well into the Gulf by Wednesday morning.


And though I know and you know that “they” don’t “know” everything about what the hurricanes will actually do, “they” are predicting the possibility of a Category 4. Maybe even a 5 according to some websites. I certainly hope they are over estimating the potential. Nonetheless, I am thinking and doing a little planning for the week ahead, in a bit different light than even day before yesterday. With Husband 6000 miles away, and not due home before the 30th, there are 4 other people besides myself who expect me to  “NOT FREAK OUT” in case of a “situation”.  I very seldom freak out to be honest.  And my main goal will be to keep us all safe even if it means leaving home for a bit. As the storm moves west I will broach the subject with my mom, suggesting she at least consider going to my brother’s who lives north about 75 miles if it appears we might get weather from this system. If for no other reason, they live in a city and far enough North that they will be less likely to be without electricity for any length of time. And since Mom is on oxygen 24/7, we need electricity. Not only that but she cannot bear much heat and believe me it is hot here. My brother’s family is actually scheduled to move into a new house this next week so I called my sister in law last night and told her to “step it up”! She knows I am kidding. I also know she will graciously take us all in if need be. She has done it before. We spent several days with them during Rita. Frankly, that’s as bad as I care to ever see weather.  Husband sent me an email this morning suggesting I start thinking ahead and keep the vehicles gassed up and some extra cash on hand.  And if we have to leave, be sure the cats have food and can get in the little barn out back.  We can’t take them with us and they faired very well during Rita.  They had shelter and were waiting happily for us when we returned a week later.

If you look on the map below, she passed pretty close. Thankfully we were on the east side of the storm.

We were so very fortunate.  The worse we endured was a little inconvenience and we lost the contents of our freezer and refrigerator.  So. SO much less than so many others.  As always I will plan and hope for the best.

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Well, as a fellow Rita survivor I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one! I don’t ever want to have to go through what we did last time. Let’s hope this one misses us.

Love your blog and congratulations on your line at for the Mary Janes Farm.

Mary D in Texas