The Birthday Party has begun!


My Oldest Daughter brought me this BEAUTIFUL afghan she made!  I have been admiring it for months as I watched it progress.  I really thought she was making it for herself.  I admit I was a little bit envious…especially since I can’t crochet or knit.  It is just amazing! and part wool so very heavy and will be super warm when I am curled up in my Momma chair this winter!  EEEKKK so excited!  And this on top of having 5 of my 6 kids and my little grandson and my niece with me for supper last night.  Plus all these lovely LOVELY cards I received in Saturday’s mail!  This birthday is getting off to a great start!  I might not even feel bad about being SOOOOO old!


I think Rachel and I will bake cupcakes for Tuesday.  And of course do the drawing…duh!  I have quite a little stash of things for the lucky winner! Happy Birthday to ME!

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What a beautiful afghan! My oldest daughter also makes beautiful afghans and other crocheted items. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Lovely! I’ve been trying to teach myself to crochet too 🙂

Happy birthday! What a lovely afghan. I’ve always got one pulled over me. Your’s is beautiful.

That afgan is amazing! You raised a talented girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


What a beautiful gift! I’m sure it was made by loving hands that show how much you are loved by your daughter. What a blessing.