The Good News Is…

Husband and I (and the kiddos) had another 24 hours together.  The not so good news, we had to make a 70 mile (one way) trip to the airport two days in a row.  Got to the airport Monday only to find out Husband and another employ had no ticket.  OH, they had tickets reserved but the company had failed to pay for them.  We were just going to pay for his fares ourselves and file an expense report but there were no seats!  Thank goodness…when we received the confirmation for Tuesday’s flights the charges were over $5000! I spoke to him when he got to Houston last night and he was wondering very seriously if he would have time to make connections in Paris.  We will see this morning.  But he knows it will be a miracle if an hour and forty minutes is enough time…having to change terminals, go thru customs and security again.  So I may or may not hear from him when he gets to Paris.

Needless to say we thought the whole debacle was a gift!  We had another day together and took full advantage of it!  Oh we checked email and such but mostly just hung out. You should see the kitchen and laundry room!  I will catch up tomorrow.  Today I am getting my staples out!!! I am so glad because they are really irritating!  They are in a bad place to ride with a car seat strapped around me.  So off to the city for the day.

Just a quick note about my mom.  She is not doing well at all.  I really hate to leave her to go out of town today but I have to.  Her nurse will be by today and she can call them if she needs them.  Her doctor had told me in the beginning that we would see a sharp decline in her condition between 3-4 months and I am beginning to.   She still has fairly good days but they are not extending into the nights.  I am going to go by before I leave this morning (she lives a whole 100 yards from me) and put on laundry and get her some breakfast.  Her nurse can see that she has some lunch and then I will be home in time for getting her supper.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday.  Yes! I am still working on recipes!  I have not forgotten.

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Forget about the recipes, girl. Spend as much time with your mom as you can. So sorry to hear she is declining so rapidly.

I love the way you look at life. A ‘gift’ having your hubby home an extra day. My heart warms to know other people feel the same connectedness to their spouse and truly ache when they are gone. Hope he makes the Paris connection!

Suzi you have my prayers for your dear mother and your family. I am here whenever you need me. Glad you got to spend the day together with family. Keep me posted.