The Winner Is!!!!

Kris!!! over at Your name was drawn! A little after 3:12 because I have had oodles of company today!! WOOO HOOO!~

My bestest friend Michelle found out I was making my own cupcakes and said NOOOO I am making them…and they are YUMMY!!!

Kris I need your address! And I will get your box of goodies right out to you!!!

 I have had a wonderful birthday!  Thanks for all the happy entries…I will be doing another giveaway for Halloween!

Thanks to each of you who take time out of your very busy schedule to read and comment on my blog.  I feel like we are all friends!  And if I could I would send each of you a big old box of goodies!


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Oh, how exciting …. I was just coming online to wish you a happy birthday and I get this wonderful news … emailing you my addy! Thanks, hon … tons and tons of hugs coming your way from me. I hope someday we can meet in person and maybe celebrate one of our birthdays together – you don’t live THAT far from me, right?



It should be against the law to make your own cupcakes on your own birthday ;0).
Besides, I needed to put that recipe magazine you send me to good use. I think we have found a new favorite frosting. Thank you Martha Stewart!! Raspberry butter cream is the bomb!!
At least we aren’t allergic to anything in the frosting!!!
Happy Birthday

Yes, they were very delicious! Thanks again Michelle. Hey we are a pair with our allergies arent we?! And what is tomorrow???? Can’t wait to give you your gift!!

Congradulations to Kris! Lucky girl! I am really glad you had a wonderful birthday. I had a really nice one as well. I got thoroughly spoiled, which was wonderful!

I’m a little late as usual, but Happy Happy Birthday. Sounds like it was wonderful ~ and those gifts you received~ WOW! That afghan is incredible!

I am so glad that someone made you the cupcakes. You should not have to make your own on your special day.

I hope that you had a good !!!


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