True Blue Farmgirl Friends!

I took my mom early this morning and got her all settled in.  My friend Karen who works there jumped right on board saw to every thing my mom needed to get settled.  Told me she would check in on my mom every little while, gave mom the number to call directly to her desk.  Told me not to worry and I took off to do errands. When I got back home Ben says “Look Mom, my rash is worse.” I’ll say!! So I call Karen and ask her if I run him back up to the hospital would she take a look.  And she said of course.  When we got there she wasn’t sure what to think of it so she took him in and ask the ER dr to take a look.  Evidently he as a rash from the tail end of a virus, that we were unaware he had.  I guess it was from the snifflies he had a week or more ago.  Who knew?  So anywho, I made her a little something for all her trouble.  I hope she likes it.  A carton of egg soaps and a vintage milk bottle with bath salts.  I thought the little yoyo’s added a country cute touch to them. Don’t forget – you can order your egg soaps from MaryJanesFarm! That was a shameless plug wasnt it???


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OOH dear miss suzi- so wrapped up in my own stuff the last few days- I do hope all is well.

blessings and prayers to all

You are such a good friend. I hope that she appreciates what a treasure you are.

I am loving your blog and all your neat recipes~thanks for sharing sooo much! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

how nice to have a friend who is able & willing to help when she can 🙂 and I know she is going to love your thank-you gift 🙂

I hope all is well with the family now. How is your mother now that she got her “tank filled back up”, so to say.?

The gift idea was great. What very cute packaging.

Can we buy a set like that?


I tell you Pat, what if I sold you the milk bottles and you made your own bath salts??? I would be happy to provide you with recipes. You could then make gifts for your friends! The eggs are for sale exclusively through MaryJanesFarm.

I am sending you an email on this offer. Thank you so much.