Victoria Bliss!


You have no idea how I would LOVE to go to this weekend. I loved Victoria magazine from the first issue I picked up. But alas, it isn’t the right time for a trip. Or another trip should I say. As I will be going for a few days for our wedding anniversary. But this would be the last weekend Jerry is home and with the remodeling (did I mention the remodeling???) there is just no way. However, follow the link…maybe you could go and then tell me ALL about it! And in case you didn’t know Victoria Magazine is coming back November 2007.


What do you think about before and after pictures of the remodeling?

Anyone interested?

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I like before and after pictures.

They inspire me.


I would love to see the before and after. We will be remodeling our home soon and I need all the motivation I can get!

I love before and after pictures also. I have been redoing my house and quite frankly I don’t know what I want to do.

I have purchased several pillows I thought would do the trick but that are now in my basement. Like the other posters, I need all the inspiration and motivation I can get.

Definitely before and after pics. I love seeing them. I find them very inspiring!


Oh, by all means share before and after photos of your remodeling project that would be fun to see.
I am looking forward to receiving Victoria magazine once again. It’s was such a lovely magazine and since they named it after me how could I not be a fan. 😉


I too would love to see those pictures! And I can’t make this trip either, but sure would love too, and I can’ t wait for the mag to return , just in time for the holidays!