Vintage Apron Bonanza!

Bonanza: a source of great and sudden wealth or luck; a spectacular windfall.(Read more on this down the post a bit!)

First and foremost in yesterday’s news: Husband arrived in Sfax, Tunisia WITH his luggage last night about midnight our time. I talked to him when he was in Houston, Paris, Tunis, on the road between Tunis a Sfax and then when he as settled in his hotel in Sfax. Miss him already. Duh.

Yesterday was staple removal day. YAY! Took all of 30 seconds I think. I asked the dr if it was normal for me to still feel a little punkish and sore. “Umm…ah…ummm…I will tell you now…we stabbed you.” he whispered in a low, calm voice. “YOU DID WHAT?!” Then he explained in GREAT detail how he did my gall bladder removal. Yep, I should still be sore – it has only been a week. And the bloated tummy…he told me not to buy any new clothing for at least 6 weeks. So what did I do? Came home and ordered two pairs of pants I have been wanting. Finding out I am not actually gaining weight (by eating almost nothing!) and in fact my tummy is just swollen, I need these pants! And since we were already in the city, I decided to take advantage of what might have been my last trip for a while (more later) and saw my eye doctor (got my contacts ordered), picked up Hannah’s contacts, looked in vain for “the perfect pair” of black shoes for fall/winter, made Hannah an appointment to see the dr about a “thing” she has on her scalp…whew…what else??? So anyway, got the staples removed, ran in Best Buy and purchased a couple of videos Husband and I have been wanting, then over to the eye dr, looked for shoes, called Oldest Son and asked him to meet us for lunch at Julie Anne’s…while we were eating (delish chicken salad sandwich!) Rachel says “Isn’t that antique store that has all the vintage vinyl on this street? If we have time…” We all said YES!!! Oldest Son collects vintage vinyl (albums) and Benjamin and I love antique stores! So here we go! Guess what I found…a BONANZA of Vintage Aprons! Four of them…in excellent condition! And two vintage sewing manuals. Benjamin bought a couple of vintage car ads to frame for his bedroom. So that was all great…even if I don’t have black shoes – yet.

I checked on my mom several times during the day by phone and she seemed to be doing fairly well. My friend Michelle offered to be “on call” for me and she will never know how much I appreciate her. Thankfully we didn’t need her. But it was nice to know she was there, ready, willing and able. I know you will read this Michelle so again “THANK YOU”…from the bottom of my heart. Michelle and I are almost birthday twins! I think she is going to love what I got her for her birthday!!!

Then on to the dr for Hannah’s appt. She very well might have a patch of psoriasis. The dr did a scraping and will have the results in a few weeks – in the meantime, we will treat it topically with shampoo and a cream. We go back in about three weeks for a recheck. I hope we can NOT make a trip before then. I have GOT TO get ready for school to start August 27th.

When we FINALLY left his office 2 and a half hours later, we popped in World Market to pick up some olive oil (no, that is not all we bought, are you kidding?) and then headed home. We were all pooped, crashed and watched So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef (so sorry to see Joey go home). I LOVE cooking competitions!

Today is housecleaning day. WOW what a mess! Too much going, not enough cleaning! As I promised…another giveaway…for my birthday, which is fast approaching! Yes, yes, still working on recipes.

One more thing before I completely forget…about the mammogram…all was just fine.

Have a Terrific Thursday!

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I am so envious of your aprons, your World Market and your chicken salad sandwich.

My son has psoriasis. We treat it 3 times a week with an apple cider vinegar rinse. We have an empty Suave shampoo bottle. We fill it up to where it tells how many ounces are in the bottle with ACV, and then fill the rest with water. After shampooing, and rinsing, then dump your ACV water on your head and let it sit for a minute. Rinse thoroughly. The smell dissipates and you never know it was on there. After a week of this, it was mostly gone to gone. He doesn’t have it anymore, but if he stops it, it does come back.

I so enjoyed reading your blog this morning. It is beautiful – both the writing and the design.

take care and happy Thursday 🙂


Lucky you finding the aprons. I found some last month at a flea market. I just love them and they were in perfect condition. I’m going to make some aprons from some old feedsack fabric I have to add to my collection. Do you have the Apron Book? Fantastic if you don’t have it. Lots and lots of ideas.

Hi, I am visiting you via Shelby’s blog…and it’s a fun visit. Nice to hear everything is going well with the staple removal etc. etc.

I love vintage aprons…they are always a fun find!


Sounds like you’ve had a very fun day! I love cooking shows too, have you seen “master chef goes large”? That’s a great one 🙂


You and your Mom are dear to me, I would do anything possible to help you all. I feel blessed our families have become friends.
Anytime you all need us, don’t hesitate to ask.
Isn’t that what friends are for?
By the way, I can’t wait to give you your b-day gift. They screamed at me to buy them for you!
Hubby is cooking breakfast then off to take him to the dentist. You guys have a great day!


I love to read what you have been doing! That is great you found those vintage aprons! I found a red checkered apron with chicken scratch at the Sal. Army a week ago for 1.99, had to grab it! Happy Friday to you!

Glad your mammogram was a.o.k.! Sounds like you are recovering well from your surgery and that you had a lovely day in the city! Have a great weekend!