Vintage Treasure!!

This little piece of paper is what started this whole soap thing with me nearly 20 years ago. I was going thru some of my BonDon’s things and found it again. I am framing it to hang in my kitchen.


Written in my BonDon’s hand, on a scrap piece of paper in pencil. This was the recipe that started it all. It seems I have laid down my soap spoon for the moment. Just not enough time in my day to keep up with that and all my other responsibilities at the moment. But one day again – who knows when? – I will be back stirring the soap pot.

You just cannot imagine how excited I was to find this recipe last night. I was down at my mom’s seeing to her, getting her ready for bed and happened to see BonDon’s notebook on my mom’s desk in the kitchen. So I start looking through it and there it was! I picked up the whole notebook and asked Mom if I could take it. Of course she said yes, it was mine anyway. BonDon would certainly want me to have it. Then she says to take any of the other cookbooks I want and why I had never seen this one I dont know, unless I thought it was a novel in the wrong shelf (I am not terribly observant sometimes)…this belonged to my Aunt Ada.


And it wasn’t so much the book itself but the little pieces of paper inside!


The very old brown paper to the left is written in my Great Grandmother’s hand. The other’s are Aunt Ada’s. I was almost squealing at this point. I have to preserve these. Again…not for the recipes, but because they are treasures. From the women in my family. How special. It may all seem rather silly to some of you. Especially if you are young and wonder why an old woman, like myself, would get so worked up over some old scrap pieces of paper. Just wait. One day you will know. As I watch my mom fading out (and she is getting weaker all the time) I realize I am “the older generation”. It is a very humbling realization. When you watch someone deal with their own mortality in such a personal way, you think of your own. You want to leave things in order. You want no regrets. You want to feel satisfaction with how you handled your 0wn life. Yep…all this philosophy from finding an old book of recipes.

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I have something very similar to your last picture in my home. The book is an old one of an aunt to my grandmother. I have hand written recipes, receipts from milk and butter orders from the 1930’s. I treasure it.

I haven’t made soap in about 5 years. I so enjoyed it.

How are you feeling? Still a bit tender? How is your mom doing today?

You picked a great noun for your post heading 🙂

all of those family recipes are a treasure…I have a few recipe cards in my granma’s hand (who passed away this past February) and I consider them heirlooms 🙂

A passing of the torch. Know that dear Susan, you do not walk alone during this time and I am but a phone call away.


I have a box of my Grandma’s recipes even an old school book that she wrote in the margins and blank pages with recipes and notes. I will never part with those they are priceless to me.


I am delurking 🙂 First I want to tell you that I made your Cream Wafer cookies and sent them with the hubs to work…he is a teacher, ha!ha! and I got an oodle of requests for the recipe. Yummy!

My other comment is that I totally understand your feeling of cherishing a scrap of paper. I am absolutely not a pack rat, but I have kept every handwritten recipe I could find after my mother died. I put them in an acid free photo album. Some I simply have because they are her handwriting and others I still use. Most are on the backside of old paper scraps from something else. There is something utterly mezmerzing knowing that my mother’s very hand penned those little notes. They truly are a treasure. I am afraid that generations after me may not share the joy in handwritten heirlooms.


Lucky you to find that treasure of a cookbook! I love it when I come across something like that.

I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I haven’t had to face that yet so I can only imagine how hard it must be. I understand what you mean about realizing you’re now the older generation. I’m almost exactly a year older than you and my youngest is leaving for college next week. Suddenly the vital part of my life is over and I’ll be one of the “old folks” with grown children. How did it happen so fast?

I have a handwritten copy of my grandmother’s recipe for Swedish Rice Pudding. We make it every Christmas. Seeing her distinctive script invokes her memory as much as tasting her creamy dessert does.
Please pick me for your birthday give-away. My son is going back to college on the 14th and I have a feeling I’ll need some cheering up.

I am also fortunate to have handwritten recipes from my family and my husbands.

I also have two cookbooks my husband’s mother was given as a bride. I never met her because she died before I met my husband, but I feel as if I know her through notes she wrote in the book margins and her scribbled pages of to do lists, still in the books where she had left them to bookmark her favorite recipes.

What a heritage your grandmother and family members passed on to you.

what an awesome treasure..and all of the memories it holds for you.

Just going through some of your archives, I love the blog by the way. I have kept a lot of recipes and papers that look just like this. There is something about your family members handwriting, how it preserves time in a way some of us appreciate. I often find recipes in old recipe boxes while I’m thrifting and make the purchase just so the strangers handwriting isn’t forgotten.