Who are Isabelle and Doug???

That is the To: and From: on the very LOVELY photo I ordered for Husband for our anniversary.  I kid you not!  I was so excited I almost jumped up and down.  Until I read….To Isabelle From Doug.  TO ISABELLE!!! Oh I grabbed the box, found the invoice, called and spoke to a very apologetic man named Van. Van the Man. I explained in great detail the significance of every word I wanted on there.  Blah, blah…it has to be right VAN! It has to say the right words…Husband wont know who Isabelle and Doug are either!  SO…it is to be righted.  Promptly.  I will post a picture of it when it arrives and is CORRECT.  He started explaining how they proof everything so carefully…well…ummm…not quite carefully enough Van.  But, I signed.  Put it back in the box.  And will wait as patiently as possible for the replacement.  Which he assured me would be here in plenty of time.  It better be.

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awww…what a dissappointment! Hopefully it is right when it comes back AND that it’s back in time!