WOW more birthday goodies!

My friend Michelle brought me the motherload of birthday goodies – just take a look!!!


Too sweet of her dont you think??? All sorts of goodies.  The dishes I have been admiring for a long time and she swears she was getting rid of them…I want to believe her.  I hope she didnt part with them because she knew how much I loved them.  And the adorable mugs!!! With friendship sayings…the best one being “Friends welcome anytime…relatives by appointment.” HAHA!  And cupcakes…and a calendar mouse pad, Mary Engelbreit pillow, magnet and frame!  WOW.  THANK YOU AGAIN Michelle!  See you Thursday if not before!

I cant wait until the 16th…which is HER birthday!  I have something pretty great for her…I think she will like it!

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Birthdays are always fun and I do love Mary Engelbreit 🙂

take care!

Lucky you! I love those dishes. Also, the afghan is beautiful. I crochet, but can’t knit, and my oldest daughter knits. I always drop huge hints around birthdays or Christmas and she usually makes something for me. Isn’t it nice that we have such wonderful children?


I will prove it to you this week that I did get rid of all my old dishes and in return husband bought me all black dishes to match my Mary Engelbreit kitchen stuff. The only old plates I kept were some small cherry plates and bowls. You know I can’t part with anything cherry. I just don’t know how I went from a service of 4 to 3 with those dishes I gave you……. weird. How do you lose one of each in a set? But none the less I am glad you liked them. You can use them for when you and Jerry have breakfast alone together when he is home. I saw those coffee mugs and I had to buy them for you. I have been holding on to them for months. I was holding out for the matching plates but could find them no where. I love the mug that says something about ” we will always be friends, you know to much!” that cracked me up.
Oh, your little grandson was cute as a button today as usual.
Have a good b-day week!!!


Goodness the dishes are lovely! 😀


Another Mary Engelbreit fan here, so naturally I think your birthday goodies are great! Love those plates too, how cute. Celebrate!


What beautiful gifts! I especially love those dishes (I have a thing for dishes/china). Aren’t great friends just the best?

The afghan is gorgeous and so special since she made it just for you.

Hope you’re continuing to have a wonderful birthday celebration!