Charlotte & Friends (and their remains)

Warning: Pictures of spiders! You must click to see them though

So we have this shed out back.  Sometimes we call it the barn  – though that is romanticising it A LOT.  It truly is just a shed.  It has been home to many a creature.  Our sweet kitties were born there.  And I don’t think I have ever ventured in that I didn’t find something – well- unwanted.  Mostly black widows. The one thing on this Earth I am truly afraid of.  Well truly, rationally afraid of.  I have irrational fears like everyone else.  I was kind enough not to post her picture but a link to her.  Not everyone appreciates being surprised by a black widow! This morning’s lovely specimen was actually living in our barbeque pit.  She is amazingly big. You can sort of tell by her body against the word “Kerr” on the jar she is in.  She is still a captive.  I havent decided what I am going to do with her just yet.  But it was a big deal for me to get the nerve to shoo her into the jar.


When I did go out to the shed this morning I found this LOVELY garden spider.

Isn’t she beautiful? And what an amazing web!

Then after looking around a little more…this was the remains of Mr. Snake.
I am always amazed to find a snake skin.
I thought it was a weird place to find one…hanging over a box of wiring.

So these are our discoveries for today.  Both the younger ones are working on school now after a morning of  Creepy Crawley 101.

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The two things that I am most afraid of in this world. . . spiders and snakes. I would NEVER venture out into that little ole’ shed of yours!!! EEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSS.

Lifting you and your mother up in prayer. It’s a very hard time for you both.


Good Lord Woman!! You are scaring me over there! We had a garden spider like that by the front door a couple years back. Pretty web!
By the way, what a ring! Cannot wait to see it in person! Feels like we haven’t seen you all in forever!!!
You guys be good and try to not get eaten by any snakes and spiders before we see each other again!

charlotte is amazingly beautiful for all of her creepiness! i adore spiders…… long as they don’t cross over into MY space lol
those that do cross over……….well, lets just say, it ain’t purty!


What a fun blog! I have to love someone who loves spiders and snakes:) I found the very last of my Holly Hocks that have bloomed one last flower this morning. It was a nice surprise, my spiders hide in the mornings. Thanks for sharing your finds. Off to explore the rest of your blog.

ew, ew, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

No to spiders and a really big no to snakes !!!!

But thanks for sharing the pictures.


I just have to say eek! I don’t think I could have captured her!


Oh. My. Gulp! That is a couple of seriously large spiders; you are quite brave to stick around, taking photos- I’d probably be lock in the bathroom two counties over.

Hi there!
Saw that you added me to your list o’ blogs (thanks thanks thanks!) and wanted to let you know that I changed the address to

thanks again!

Just found your blog and it is lovely. The picture of the spider is wonderful.