Happy Saturday to You!

Well, I have all my eggs in one basket at present.  Husband’s plane landed a bit after 12:30 Friday Morning.  It was due around 10 pm Thursday night but weather held it in Atlanta for an extra few hours.  It was a long night to say the least.  Then we drove down yesterday and brought Mom home.  I am not sure it was the right move but she is home none the less.  The bleeding had subsided after surgery performed late Monday night.  However, yesterday after we got home it resumed.  Almost at the previous flow.  So I dont know what to think or do really.  Her doctor said in so many words, that he cannot continue to give her blood that is flowing back out faster than it is going in.   I completely understand that.  That is really all I know at this time.  I suppose we will see what this weekend brings.  If her blood count is back down today we might be heading back to the hospital.  This weekend will determine whether or not Husband and I leave on Monday or postpone our getaway.  I am trying not to fret over it.  In the scheme of things it seems selfish to go.  At the same time I so want to. 

Anywho, I am going to piddle around the house today.  Doing some cleaning and staying close to check in and out on her.  

Happy Report: It was not sweltering when I woke up this morning!  Yeah…could it be???? Autumn is around the corner!? Goodness I hope so, that alone will lift my spirits.  I LOVE Autumn!  


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Hey, I just e-mailed you to check in on you and thought I would pop by here before I get off of here and run to town. Let me know what happens with your Mom.
It WAS nice this morning outside, I was shocked!
Sorry to hear the bleeding started back up, if there is anything I can do , don’t hesitate to ask.
Love ya,
P.S. Remember, if you are able to go on your trip GO! You won’t be to far away and you need some rest. Even if only for one night!!!


I DO wish it was autumn here but it’s going into spring which I’ve got to be thankful for anyway 🙂


I’m so sorry things are not going as well as you hoped…hang in there. I’ll be thinking of your mom this weekend–

I pray that your mother is doing well by now. I do not know as of yet if you were able to take your trip. I hope that you did but if not, there will be another time and it is good to be there with your mother.

Please let us know how things are going for you and the family.

Much love and blessings,