Monday, Monday

I had a post all written and it disappeared!  Oh well…I will try to remember what I wrote.  I mostly wanted to thank you all for commenting and sending emails.  I know how precious your time is and I do appreciate you all.  It looks like tomorrow will be the big day.  Mom will be coming home with hospice care and I think she is a bit nervous about it.  Understandably.  I will keep you posted on what all takes place.

Here are a couple of new pictures of the remodel.


a little blurry but I was in a hurry.  And my new porch light.


I think the carpet is coming out today.  Also I do have a new recipe for you.  Bread Pudding.  Benjamin wanted my mom’s bread pudding and he had watched her make it probably a dozen times.  So he resided over my lack of expertise and it came out delish!  I will post the recipe maybe tonight…no promises of course.

Again thank you all so much. Have a great early Autumn Monday!

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ooOOOOoooo I like the red. It is nice, and it seems like the perfect color for you!

Continued prayers for your mother.

Your walls are a good color. I like them.

I am also looking forward to your bread pudding recipe. It sounds like this is one which has been a tradition in your husband’s family so I bet it is good.


“Be of good courage…” I was a hospice aid & before that, we had hospice services for my grandmother. I cannot say words of high enough praise for hospice services. Pat gave very good advice. But I also wanted to let you know that many hospices will work with you. Depending on your mom’s level of care & the organization you use. You might have an aid assigned to her besides just a nurse. One of the clients I served had an aid give respit care to his wife (so she could have a break). It was wonderful to spend time with this elderly gentleman for an afternoon as he shared his thoughts on the poetry I read to him. I may not have had 25 years experience, but I treasure the memories I made helping to ease the pain of the dying. It is so important to focus on all the good memories she has. It was such a priviledge serve my grandmother & other’s as they waited for their Savior to take them HOME.
My prayers are with you & yours,

LOVE the red. I can’t wait to see it all put together. We painted our dining room and kitchen a similar shade of red. (

I’m praying for your mother. Hugs…Ann’Re