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Pink is NOT hot!

There are things/colors worse than brown paneling.  WOW.  Now that is pink.


And not a good pink. This is the primer for the red.  The red is lovely.  Very warm and cozy. I will post a picture of it when the last coat is on.  Soon that equally offensive carpeting will be history as well.

Here is the phone we ordered for the living room table.


We will head out in a bit to pick up more supplies and I might check in on some new tables for the new room.

Update on Mom: We will bring her home the first of the week with hospice care.  I think it is time for that step.  She had a upper GI thing done yesterday and they found several ulcerations in her esophagus. They have to see about medication for those this weekend and then she will be transported back to her home.   I dont know how all this is going to work itself out. It may be that I have to hire a sitter for some days.  I do still have other people that need me as well. And a business that is neglected almost beyond salvation. As well as three children at home and a very understanding husband who has stepped up like no one could/should ever expect. I can’t be there 24/7.  For more than just the fact that I have a home to tend too. I have to keep my feet on the ground as well, and keep my sanity if at all possible.  It is my understanding that hospice just pops in and out, taking care of her pain medication and such.  Really, until we get her home and all of this set up, we won’t know much about how the day to day will work out.  If you have any experience you are welcome to share.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Let the game begin!

The remodeling game that is. While I am up and down the road visiting my mom and seeing to her hospital transfer, Husband has been hard at work. VERY hard at work. Our house is FULL of gawdawful paneling. I abhor paneling. I kid you not. Hate is not a strong enough word. Having said that, I do in fact like (borderline love) painted paneling. We have been painting and remodeling over the past 5 or so years. I regret not having documented the progress by picture before now. But here’s a picture of the living room after all the furniture was put into storage and the ceiling in mid progress. Oh…that horrible brown paneling.


But it is about to get a couple of coats of RED!!! Rich warm Williamsburg Barn Red. Yeah! Husband has big plans for this little room. Pull up the carpet and refinish the wood floors. Recessed lights, built in entertainment center on the end you see…wall to wall bookshelves at the opposite end. We have a new front door (with full glass storm door). I will keep you abreast of the progress. I am really excited.

Mom is doing fairly well after her move from one end of the state to the other. She has a whole group of doctors looking over her records, they will put their heads together and present her with their findings which the main doctor felt would be fairly similar to what was already found. But they promised to leave no stone unturned. And that is all we can ask.

And here are a couple of pictures…just ones I like and thought I would share.


The recipe is from Husband’s mom’s recipe box.

This is the shelf over my mixer area. That’s my three little ducks Puddle, Piddle and Paddle.


And my Raven, Edgar Allen Crow.

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OLDEST DAUGHTER!!! See you for supper!



I have been awarded!


I got the sweetest email from Deanna and am proud to display this lovely award!  Thank you Deanna.  Our time is precious and I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!

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