Picture of the Day: My Dad in a Apron

This past week sitting with my mom I had time to go thru old photos.  She has lots in albums but many pictures are still in boxes and in no particular order.  I found this one of my dad.  If I remember the story correctly he was cooking for home ec class.  In Texas where he grew up, home ec was required of all students – boys and girls.  Actually he really liked it.  He loved food and loved to cook.


I loved that he had on an apron!

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that is such a terrific picture. maybe you can scan some of the images into the computer and create a nice big collage to frame.

I had to check in…I’ll say a prayer for you tonight…


oh that is priceless! and he looks so young!

How neat to find something like this. I would love to sit down and go through my parents pictures.

I do plan on doing this soon.

Still praying for you and your mother. Also, your whole family.

Saw your blog on Country Living and glad I made the time to ready your blog here.


My thoughts and prayers are with you. You have wonderful memories.

I love that picture. My dad loved to cook, but I don’t think he ever had an apron.

Thank you for sharing. You’re in my prayers.


What a darling picture of your dad. I love that stove and that wallpaper. What nostalgia!

Laura of Harvest Lane

Just to let you know I prayed for your family tonight.
God bless!

I also love the stove and wallpaper. And the striped t-shirt your dad is wearing.

I had to check in, too. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

This is Tuesday morning…I’m still praying for you…the Lord has your Mother already~ in his loving sight…I thought about you alot yesterday. Tina