Picture of the Day:


Taken by Rachel night before last.

And a quick report.  I think we will be moving my mom to another hospital the first of next week.  Hopefully.  She needs more/different treatment than they are able to give her at this smaller hospital.  Not that they havent been wonderful.  They have.  But her condition worsens and she needs something else.  What, I do not know.  I am going to leave at noon to go down and sit with her a few hours.  I won’t stay too late.  One reason I dont like to drive after dark on a Saturday night thru a “rough” town that I have to go thru.  And she will not rest while I am there.  She thinks she has to be awake and talking to me if I am there. Then my brother and family will go tomorrow.

Talk to you all soon.  Thanks for sticking with me. One day life will be normal again and my blog will reflect that.

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Lovely picture. Remembering you in prayer.


Hi, my name is Deanna and I’m a fellow blogger from Texas. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and have you on my favorites list. My sister started me on this in July and I have to say that I am enjoying every second of it. I have found some special blogs to read and as I read on a recent blog; it’s not about the quantity but about the quality. I think your blog has a heart and that’s what I love about it. And listen, blogs don’t always have to be happy. You’re showing that there is life out there, real life and that you’re dealing with it with as much grace and dignity as you can. So keep on keepin’ on!

oh take care of yourself and your mom, don’t worry about what folks may or may not think…the writing and getting it out is therapeutic to the heart and mind ya know… you have so much on your shoulders right now and so many emotions no doubt swirling about as you are traveling down this road with your mom. Don’t you add worrying about having this blog “normal”..what is “normal” anyhow? we all go through struggles and trials in life and a need to just share our hearts with others that have maybe been there in the same shoes before…or will be at some point down the road..what you are writing about and feeling about can actually wind up being a blessing to someone else along the way as they may have to come to the same type of journey in their lives with a loved one…
So rest your mind about that sweety and find some time to breathe and rest.Wishing you a peace in your heart and the heart of your mom as you journey down this road.Blessing to you both.

Y’know the thing I love about your blog, is that is a reflection of who YOU are and what YOU are going through in YOUR life. It takes the place of our all too infrequent phone calls. I think of you every day and you, your family and your mother are in my prayers. G-d should bless you and strengthen you and grant you peace amidst the storm. Remember that all this is draw you closer to Him.


Beautiful photo! Still praying and thinking about your mom here *hugs*


Still praying. Thank you for sharing your life with us here.

We only but a short time with our parents. Take that time and enjoy it as you can. Blogging life will still be here when you are ready .

Much love and blessings,