And the Winner is…

Tina at! Congrats!  I hope you enjoy your box of goodies.  I will be sending you an email shortly.  Have a wonderful day!

I got up a little earlier than I have been lately.  Maybe I am actually catching up on sleep.  The house is cool this morning and I have biscuits in the oven.  I have to run now and get my frig cleaned out…my new one will be here about 9:30!

AND two more days until Husband comes home.  I will pick him up at the airport 10pm Thursday.  He found out yesterday he will be getting “ITALIA” stamped on his passport this trip home.  They routed his flight thru Milan.  Lucky dog. 

Well, lots to do in the next couple of days but I will be posting a couple of recipes for you to enjoy.  

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I need a new fridge. The piece of metal that holds the stuff in the door shelves is broken and being held together with duck tape. It falls off once every couple of months or so, spilling the water jugs that are in the door. Frustrating.

I know exactly what you mean. Now I “hear” that priority postal tape works better than duct tape. But it is just “hearsay”, ya know what I mean.

Post a picture of it once you get it in !!!

Have a good day!!

Thanks for doing the drawing.



Yeah for new appliances! Enjoy the new fridge. We recently bought an energy efficient front loading washer & dryer set and I love watching it work.


Congratulations Tina, what a great goodie box you have headed your way. And congratulations Susan on your new fridge. 🙂

Sounds great that you are getting a new fridge. You probably needed it for awhile now. The recipes you have posted sound so yummy! Have a great day~ rEnEe


Lucky Tina! I bet you will be so happy to have your husband home. There is nothing better than a new fridge! I love how pristine and clean they look. That state doesn’t last too long in my house as I mess it up fairly quickly!


Susan, I can’t wait for those recipes!

Deanna 🙂

Susan, I received my cookbook yesterday !!

I love it !!! I am so enjoying reading the little stories printed throught the book. It may be the best part right now. It is very special reading your mother’s thoughts about past Christmas’s. Having something like this is a special thing for you and your family at times like this.

I can’t wait to get started on some of the recipes. I am also posting about it on my Homestead blog,

Thanks for having something like this for sale, so that we can get to know you and your family a little better.

My first 10 lbs I gain this holiday season, from your recipes, I dedicate to you !!! (hopefully not, lol )

Much love,

Congratulations, Tina!