Best Laid Plans…again.

I had all intentions of loading all our Halloween party pictures but my software is giving me fits and I just dont have time to work on it any more tonight.  We still have to pack and shower and get ready to leave in the morning at 6 am.  I will post them when I return along with a full report of our little trip to The Big City.  Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Can’t wait to see your halloween pics. The costume ideas sounded so good. I’ve been a bit ambivalent about the amount of halloween themes parties the children here have been to this year and the general commercialism but I still like to see what other people have done!
France? Oh how exciting for you. I’ve only been to Calais on a day trip years ago but my sister lived in Paris for a while and loved it.

. . . and you have a safe little trip to the big city.