Day Three of "A Few of My Favorite Things" Giveaway!

Day three has rolled around.  Here is today’s addition to the box! A vintage cookbooklet!                                                                   vintagebooklet.jpg
I will be scarce today…computer problems…slow internet due to weather last night (or so they say), and keeping my little grandson.  I will be back tomorrow with a RECIPE!! Can you believe it?  Or that is the plan anyway!  And of course, Day Four’s addition to the giveaway.

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Hi! I saw your blog from another..can’t remember who now, but your blog name caught my eye. I mean, who doesn’t want to be June Cleaver?? Anyway, nice to meet you. Sounds like you are into a lot of things, as am I. I really love decorating & can see that you do too.

Take care & stop by & see me sometime!


Your giveaway is reaching awesome proportions! Someonne is going to be very lucky.
Have a lovely day–


Oh Susan please enter me in your giveaway of favorite glad you’re back with us…love



I feel very fortunate to be considered for some very
thoughtful treasures with a group of great women.
I only wish I was a little bit as talented as you all are.


I would love to have my name entered into your big mason jar, please!
I love your red living room picture from a couple of posts ago and can’t wait to see the black and whites you use above the couch. Very pretty!

A vintage cookbooklet……I really want to win now!

Have a good day. Some of us from our church are heading out to the Zoo !! Ah, just another great reason for homeschooling, you get to pick when you take a “field trip” with your friends.

Love ya much !


Who doesn’t love and can’t use a vintage cookbook! I know of no such creature! That looks like a really good one too!