Day Two of "A Few of My Favorite Things" Giveaway

Here you go…this is added to the box!


Actually I will be adding TWO copies of MaryJanesFarm magazine.  This one (be sure and check out the article about MOI!!) and one called Artists in Aprons!  How appropriate is that?

Okay…now I said I would tell you about the BIG ol’ red wall in my living room. bigredwall.jpg
This isnt a great picture I realize.  And no my sofa is not that close to the door!  But anywho…Rachel is making black and white photos for me to hang on that wall.  One will be of the heart shaped tree trunk in our yard.   It will be the biggest – probably have it enlarged to 11 x 17 or maybe a little bigger.  Then smaller b & w photos around it.  Like the sweetgum ball I posted yesterday.  And these are in the running.    wallphotos.jpg

She’s working on some for me.  I think they will look beautiful in B & W, framed in black.  Then I plan to have B& W photos of family displayed in frames on the book shelves and the top of my sofa table (yet to be purchased – picked out – not bought) will have a piece of glass with vintage (copies) of photos displayed underneath the glass, “collage like”.  What do you think?

I have often said that I didnt know if our marriage would withstand building a house (I hear it is VERY hard on a relationship), because I falsely assumed we had completely different tastes.  Kinda like I was married to this man for 25 years before I got up nerve to ask him about his political views.  I assumed based on the fact that he lives his life in such as way as to lead one to believe he was ultra conservative when in fact the man is just slightly left of Gandhi! WHO KNEW??? But back to decorating.  I just stepped back when we started talking about redoing the living room.  Husband has really good taste and is amazing with colors so I just decided I would let him run with it.  But no doing.  He wanted to know what I liked.  If I liked this?  Or would rather have that.  Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, we meshed perfectly with what we liked.  The colors, the contrasts, the plans for the entertainment center and bookshelves/cabinets, right down to the hardware.  Not one disagreement .  I really cant wait to share the finished room with all of you.  It is going to be lovely.

Renee asked back in the comments on this post what I liked for bedroom colors. Well as much as I love LOVE LOVE rich colors for living rooms and kitchens and even bathrooms (our bathroom is Granny Smith Apple Green with black and white and red accents), I prefer muted colors for bedrooms.  I think we are going to paint ours the palest of blues.  Granted that will cause me to have to get new linens but that’s not a bad thing, right?  I want pale PALE blue walls, white trim, white curtains (sheers) and add some color in the linens.  Probably some red since it is my favorite color. But only a touch of red.  I can see it in my mind…mostly white/very pale blue with a splash of red and yellow.  So I suppose Renee, my thoughts are pastels, muted colors, calming, soothing.  I will try to find a picture to explain better.

So now some not so pleasant news from home: Benjamin is in all likelihood, getting his tonsils and adenoids removed first week of November.   We have an appt next week with the ENT dr to finalize the plans.  It is long over due and we all will be happy to have the procedure over and done with.

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cool. love the pictures and i love black and whilte photos. i always worry about too much b&w on my walls, but with a red backdrop that should be enough color:) good luck with the tonsils. stock up on popsicles.

Thanks Susan for commenting about the wall colors. My dh just wants to paint our master bedroom a burgendy or red and I am real scared. I said that I would prefer maybe a tan color. He doesn’t want blue which I was going towards. Maybe I will post a picture of the room. I also am a fan of white especially different tones of white with a pop of an accent color but dh doesn’t care for it.
Good luck with tonsils being removed with your son. 2 of my children had them removed. Looking forward to seeing more past posts as I just found you on here the other day.

And forgot to comment about the wall, very pretty color!

Gorgeous wall.

I think the black and white pictures are going to be absolutely lovely.

I can not wait to see the completed room.


I like this red wall !…It reminds me the french color name “sang de boeuf” or “bullock blood”…not a nice expression but a nice colour …

Oh, dear…those poor tonsils! My daughter’s touched. She had them out 3 1/2 years ago…things are MUCH better. Never a dull moment, huh!?! Good luck!

I love your walls, they are the same color as mine…lol.

You and your husband have great taste!

I like the idea of the b/w photos. My oldest daughter is doing this in her bedroom.

FIrst, my favorite color is RED !! I am using “splashes ” of it in my kitchen / gathering/dinning room.

Now, my bedroom, my walls are a very pale, pale, blue and I have white trim, and whitte wood blinds on my windows.

Have we met before and just don’t remember? Just joking, I think it is nice that we have some of the same taste in colors.



I think Black and White photos will look wonderful on that wall. Oh please do put my name in for the magazine giveaway. We can’t get that magazine over here and I have been coveting it for a long time! I painted out front door red back in Canada. It looked lovely. I do love the colour red.

Hi Susan — Love your ideas for the bedroom colors. Ours is pale lavendar with white trim. I love it! And now I’m thinking I need to add a little touch of red (my favorite color that I don’t seem to be using in any of my rooms).

Love your red room — and the b/w photos will really pop against that wall.

This is downright inspiring! Maybe I need to go strip wallpaper off my kitchen wall and use that paint I bought three years ago!