Don't you love good mail??

Well today was especially good mail.  Not ONE bill, Victoria magazine!, and THESE lovely mini aprons from my friends over at MaryJanesFarm forum!!! Happy Halloween to me!


Guess I should get out the rest of my decorations…I will post pictures when I get them strung!

And now for a gross picture of my son’s crazy tonsils.  I told Husband I would email him a picture.  He won’t believe it when he sees it!  You are not really supposed to be able to see your tonsils…much less have them nearly touch!!!



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Those mini aprons are just so gorgeous! Are you going to pin them up on a mini washing line? Too sweet!

I love the little aprons. I have printed out your “how-to” and already have my Christmas fabric. I’m making them as gifts.

And, gross! Your son’s tonsils look like my daughter’s. They are huge! Both of my older children have tonsils like that and they have problems every winter. I believe my daughter will be having hers removed this year.


What lovely little Halloween aprons! Lucky you! Not so lucky son, those tonsils look horrendous!

Honey, wow…perhaps you are taking your photography hobby a bit far???

Kidding!!! Love the shock value!!!

And, for the record, I am absolutely diggin’ those aprons…wonderful work!!!

poor lil guy! those tonsils don’t look like any fun at all? i remember when my liberty’s tonsils were bad (and adenoids too) she snored like a lumberjack!