Happy Halloween!


I LOVE Halloween…LOVE IT. When I was a kid we did Halloween BIG TIME. We decorated and partied and trick or treated. I even won a Halloween costume contest once – I went as a black cat, complete with tail and ears. Too cute. I will have to see if I can find pictures of Halloweens past and post them. I will post several times today as I get the house ready for our party…and the food too. Husband has the homemade ice cream started. And then he’s going to get a hair cut (its been many a moon since his hair was longer than mine…gotta get that fixed!) and get a key ingredient to his meat roll that I didn’t buy yesterday. Hey, it wasn’t on the list! 

Have a great day! Be back in a bit with pictures and such!

BTW-I would SO wear shoes the like ones in the graphic! 

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Love those shoes too!

My cookbook came today!! I’m gonna sit with a cup of coffee after dinner & look through it.

We love Halloween in our house as well. Trick or Treating was this past Sunday for us so tonight after homework we will turn the lights down low watch Charlie Brown’s Halloween with a bowl of popcorn.

Enjoy your party.


Happy Halloween from New Jersey!

Wow, I must have been cheated as a child. We didn’t decorate or go all out. About the extent of our halloween was a paper skeleton that my mom hung on the door Halloween night at about 5:30 PM. Your kids are blessed that you and your hubby make it sooooooo special for them.