More Vintage Cookbooks!

I ran across these when I was looking thru my closet for fabric this week. These belonged to Husband’s mom.  Treasures!!!  Handwritten recipes are so precious!  And the  book to the right contains her recipe for Hassenpfeffer.  Not my favorite dish but must make if for Husband every now and then.


I am about to head back over to my mom’s.  You all have a great Sunday and I will see you soon.

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Hey, I was just checking in with you. We are about to go to the cheesecake factory. I am sorry to hear your mom did in fact have a stroke. If you need anything let us know, remember mom said she was there for you too. Glad to hear you got some rest.


oh that’s so cool about the recipe books. I DO hope you will use them 🙂


Just caught up with your posts and I am so sorry that things have been so difficult with hospice etc.
My heart goes out to you and your mom and I will be thinking of you often.

Connie C.

I don’t know how things are just now—I worked at the Pleasant Hill library today until about 2:15. When I got back to Many, I asked where Hannah was—wanted to know how things were with Nonnie—-and learned things were really bad this afternoon. I pray that God will give you the strength you need—there are very few things in life more difficult than what you are facing just now. My heart goes out to you.