Nice surprise!

Husband called about 3 p.m. and asked how soon I could leave for the airport. I said “Walking out the door now!” He got an earlier flight and we were some kinda happy! Home 4 whole hours early! AND the gift…came in a Ferrari bag…a ferrari coffee mug! Picture later. Gotta run…putting a roast in the oven for supper. Try to post a couple of “correct” recipes tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Yay! So glad you have been reunited!!! Those last few hours of separation can be tough…so glad you got the gift of an earlier flight. Have a wonderful weekend!


A wonderful week-end for the whole family !…


Happy homecoming indeed, and presents too. I have a Ferrari mug from a former life seems eons ago:). Every thing that comes from them is usually very chic indeed. Can’t wait to see pictures.


Hi there,
hope you are doing well. You now have me on pins and needles waiting for the next recipe..and I’m supposed to be on a diet!

Big Texas hug,
Deanna 🙂