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VINTAGE APRON GIVE AWAY and photo of the day

As I have told you before if I am really down (and I am really down…bout as down as I have been in a long while) it does something to me to give something away. Something good I mean. I feel better, I feel a relief of sorts. And I think almost everyone who comes here loves aprons. So I am looking at my vintage apron collection and saying to myself “Woman! That’s a lot of aprons!” sooo…I picked out one of my favorites. It is an unwritten rule of mine that if I am giving something away it should be something I like…a lot…not something I wouldn’t want. So…like I said…I picked out one of my favorite vintage aprons. And thus starts the “A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS” give away. Every day from today till next Monday, I will add something to the box. If you want your name to be included in the famous “NotQuiteJuneCleaver’s HUGE Mason Jar” and become eligible for the give away, leave me a comment saying so. Here’s a little peek


I am starting the box of goodies with the Vintage apron and a bar of my favorite soap (yep, I made the soap). Stay tuned, each day I will do my best to add another picture of what is added to the box.

Ahhhh…I feel better already.

OH and picture of the day from Rachel:


Tomorrow I will also try to remember to tell you what I am doing on the LARGE empty wall in my newly red living room.

Tata for now. And sending much love out across blogland. You all have been so kind and concerned throughout this very difficult time in my life. You will never know how much I appreciate you all.


Things Will Never Be The Same

But you know, they never are.  We got thru the planning stage and the actual funeral without one problem. My brother next to me and I met at the funeral home on Tuesday morning and we were in and out in about an hour.  Most of Mom’s planning had been done shortly after my dad passed.  Then we went on to the florist and picked out flowers for her casket piece.  We decided on fall foliage and pumpkins and squash (faux of course).  It turned out beautifully and so many people commented on how it looked “just like Mom”…she loved Autumn and her home reflected that…lots of orange and yellow and brown.  I think I will pick it up this evening from the graveside so it doesnt get messed up and I can take all the parts and make something for each of us out of it.

The wake was Wednesday night from 5-7 for the public but my baby brother couldnt get in before 8:30 so we hung around and waited for him.  This is going to be very difficult for him.  He didnt see Mom as much as I did.

Then the service was on Thursday Morning at the chapel of the funeral home.  Our friend who did her eulogy did a great job.  Just what she wanted.  Short and sweet.

Last night my brothers and I sat down and read her “notebook” which contained her handwritten will. Things could not have gone better.  We all agreed to take all this slowly and make it as painless as possible.  She had many personal items listed that she wanted each person to have.  We will see that those are honored.

I dont know when I will get back to my regular blogging.  I do want to do a give away soon.  You all have been so faithful to read and comment on this very difficult time in my life.  And though I don’t know most of you, I appreciate your kindnesses and the time you spend here.   I have to take time to let myself grieve even though it seems the grieving started months ago.  Knowing a person is dying and the actual event have affected me completely differently and quite frankly, I thought, as most of us probably do, that I was better prepared.

Now we go on from here…knowing things will never be the same.


My Mom's Passing

My mom passed this evening at 7:21. She went peacefully and actually had the best day she has had in the past month. She had been in a semi fetal position as I think I had stated earlier. This morning when I went in she was relaxed and stretched out like she had a good night’s sleep. She was peaceful all day long and I sat with her as she took her last breath. I am not sorry at all for the past three weeks I have spent with her though at times I was so very tired and stressed and wondered if I would be okay the next day and how long I could do it.

Her suffering is over. She is at complete peace and for that I am very thankful. She will be so missed but we all have fond memories of her and are glad she is no longer in pain. Thank you all for your well wishes.

Maudie Allen Arledge Bellah

April 28, 1930 – October 8, 2007


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