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Sewing Therapy

So when I get where I just want to run screaming I try to divert myself with some sort of project…usually sewing something.  My youngest must have a sixth sense.  He came to me yesterday when he saw me pilfering through my box of fabrics and said “You know, I think I would like to make a little quilt or something.” Ahhhh homeschooling.  We will count this as Home Ec.  Now I am not one of those moms who thinks what they do has to be perfect.  What it HAS to be is their creation.  So I handed him a box of already cut squares.  I told him to lay them out on the living room floor in a pattern he liked.  Then stack them together in rows.  I would then show him how to sew them in rows and then sew the rows together to make the top.  I am quite sure it would have been easier to just quilt something with a pattern already in the fabric but he was itching to use the new machine.  My boys never assumed sewing wasnt for them as they have seen Husband sit at the sewing machine more than once.  If he needs something mended he does it himself.  Men should have these skills as well.  My grandfather was quite the quilter and I am so blessed to have several of his masterpieces.  Anywho…here’s a picture of Benjamin sewing his quilt top.


I will post progress as he finishes his quilt.

Update on my mom: Things are just really really hard right now.  She is just pitiful.  So sad and heart wrenching to watch her just deteriorate before my eyes.  She scarcely knows me most of the time. She’s beginning to refuse water even.  I could have a nervous breakdown but then who would do my job AND tend to me?

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