VINTAGE APRON GIVE AWAY and photo of the day

As I have told you before if I am really down (and I am really down…bout as down as I have been in a long while) it does something to me to give something away. Something good I mean. I feel better, I feel a relief of sorts. And I think almost everyone who comes here loves aprons. So I am looking at my vintage apron collection and saying to myself “Woman! That’s a lot of aprons!” sooo…I picked out one of my favorites. It is an unwritten rule of mine that if I am giving something away it should be something I like…a lot…not something I wouldn’t want. So…like I said…I picked out one of my favorite vintage aprons. And thus starts the “A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS” give away. Every day from today till next Monday, I will add something to the box. If you want your name to be included in the famous “NotQuiteJuneCleaver’s HUGE Mason Jar” and become eligible for the give away, leave me a comment saying so. Here’s a little peek


I am starting the box of goodies with the Vintage apron and a bar of my favorite soap (yep, I made the soap). Stay tuned, each day I will do my best to add another picture of what is added to the box.

Ahhhh…I feel better already.

OH and picture of the day from Rachel:


Tomorrow I will also try to remember to tell you what I am doing on the LARGE empty wall in my newly red living room.

Tata for now. And sending much love out across blogland. You all have been so kind and concerned throughout this very difficult time in my life. You will never know how much I appreciate you all.

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OOOH! Please put my name in the famous mason jar! Love that apron! You’ve been in my thoughts…

Erica Ferguson

I would love to have my name dropped in. If I am not a day late and a dollar short. LOL I would also love to know if it is possible to get a copy of your cookbook. I am going to make your fried chicken this weekend for my grandparents. It is their favorite meal to eat this time of the year but my grandmother can no longer cook so it will be a real treat. Hope all is well.
Erica Ferguson


I cook and bake in aprons everyday so that would work out great. I also buy only homemade soap for bathing. Let me be the lucky one…. and drop my name in the jar.

I would love to help you feel better, even if that means you picking my name and sending me a gift, lol !!!

I would love it if you would add my name to the Mason Jar.

Good to see you up and about.

Continued prayers for you as you walk through this time.



Good Evening,

Please add my name to your beautiful apron give-away.
I would love to have this and your wonderful soap.

Hugs and Prayers for you and your family at this
very difficult time.



I love aprons, I love your blog also ~ count me in
Praying for you and yours,


Bless your heart! I love your soap…I mean I really love it so please enter me in the drawing. Is it by chance calendular soap? How wonderful!

I am praying for you.




Hi Susan!

Wow! What a generous and sweet thing to do! You are such an amazing person! I would love to be entered into a giveaway, but I don’t want to take the fun away from someone else either. But I must say that apron looks like it is beautiful.

Some of my favorite things are beautiful pictures, crisp autumn air in the morning, my dog Sky, my daughter Nora, VW bugs, and my maternity apron. 😀 Isn’t it great how special and favorite things give us a boost when we need it!



Oh please do add my name to the list of people wanting in on the giveaway! I love your aprons! You are still in my prayers. Hoping that each day brings you a little more peace.

Been praying for you!!! Please enter my name in the giveaway … I’m sure I’ll love all of YOUR favorite things!

Keeping you close in my thoughts,

Wow. This is a FABULOUS giveaway. Obviously so-look at all the comments! Please enter me! I would so LOVE those wonderful treats.

Hope you feel better soon and are UPLIFTED in spirit!

Nance in France

Susan, your unsinkable spirit of love and goodwill is bringing you through this time of heartache, that is evident for all to see. God gives us the strength we need, especially when we don’t know how to draw our next breath without a tinge of sadness.

I love the idea you have for your bedroom; it is exactly the color scheme I have! I don’t even have an apron (yet) so throw my name in the pot, please and thanks. God bless. Nance


I would love to add my name to your draw.


I would love to be entered in your drawing. Such a wonderful way to uplift your spirits and bring joy to someone else. God bless you and keep you.


I think all women should wear aprons. Not only are they practical, but they look cute in them.

Carol Sue

I would love to be added to your drawing.
Susan, thank you for sharing in this difficult time for you and your family. You certainly have been in my thoughts and prayers.

So sorry to hear of your Mother’s passing. I’m sure you will have many fond memories of her. Always be sure to share them as it does ease the pain when talking of the special times with others.
It is so nice that you and your siblings can do what you know would honor your Mom concerning hers treasures for each of you.
Continued prayers go up for you and your family.

What a giving, loving spirit you have as seen by your care for your Mom. I am sure that in days to come it will help you to know you were right where she needed you to be.

Would love to have my name added to the drawing if it’s not to late.


I would love to be added to the drawing!

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers (hugs).



Please add me too! 🙂 And feel better soon.


My prayers are with you and your family. I enjoy reading your slice-of-life entries and your wonderful recipes. Please drop my name in the Mason jar.

Jeny Edwards

Susan, you are such an inspiration. My thoughts have been with you and your family. Your mother is looking at you now with such love and pride, I’m sure. I mentioned before that my mom passed not a year ago, and while I miss her everyday, I know she’s in so much a better place and her soul is happy, which I’m not sure it was here.

You are doing such a great job honoring and memorializing her. Again, you’re such an inspiration, in all aspects of your life. Thank you so much for sharing such a difficult time of your life with strangers. You’ve made the world a better place by doing so.

With love,

I am sorry for your loss as well Jeny. You are really too too kind. I do think it has done me a world of good to have a place to share and people who respond in such sweet ways. I am so happy you find comfort in coming here. And come on, really, are we all strangers? Or friends who have just not met?

Much love to all of you who are helping me thru this very difficult time.

please enter my name. this is a lovely group of treats.

Oooh! I’m getting in just under the wire here, but I’d love to be included in that hat.

I just found your blog through a websearch of some kind, and I’m bookmarking it now, for sure. Thank you so much for putting this out there for all of us to enjoy. 🙂


your blog is so fun to read! You have such fabulous ideas. thanks for inspiring!

I would love to be added to your drawing!
How fun!