VINTAGE APRON GIVE AWAY and photo of the day

As I have told you before if I am really down (and I am really down…bout as down as I have been in a long while) it does something to me to give something away. Something good I mean. I feel better, I feel a relief of sorts. And I think almost everyone who comes here loves aprons. So I am looking at my vintage apron collection and saying to myself “Woman! That’s a lot of aprons!” sooo…I picked out one of my favorites. It is an unwritten rule of mine that if I am giving something away it should be something I like…a lot…not something I wouldn’t want. So…like I said…I picked out one of my favorite vintage aprons. And thus starts the “A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS” give away. Every day from today till next Monday, I will add something to the box. If you want your name to be included in the famous “NotQuiteJuneCleaver’s HUGE Mason Jar” and become eligible for the give away, leave me a comment saying so. Here’s a little peek


I am starting the box of goodies with the Vintage apron and a bar of my favorite soap (yep, I made the soap). Stay tuned, each day I will do my best to add another picture of what is added to the box.

Ahhhh…I feel better already.

OH and picture of the day from Rachel:


Tomorrow I will also try to remember to tell you what I am doing on the LARGE empty wall in my newly red living room.

Tata for now. And sending much love out across blogland. You all have been so kind and concerned throughout this very difficult time in my life. You will never know how much I appreciate you all.

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oooh! drop my name in the hat, please! I’ve been baking bread today and had to wear this hideous blue Pepsi apron. haha.

I’m glad you’re doing something to lift your spirits a bit. and I’m glad we get to help 🙂 *big hug*

I would absolutely love to have that vintage apron.

Know that I am still lifting you up in my prayers.

What a generous and sweet way to lift your own spirits — and how true it is that when we give, it should be the giving of something we love, too. Do add my name into the big mason jar, please. And keep putting one foot in front of the other . . . the dark days will pass.

Oh, I’d like my name added to the hat. I saw your post over at MaryJane’s. Here’s hoping your spirits are uplifted!

I love aprons, so put my name in too. MB

Love and hugs to you and your family Susan. The sun will shine again…I know from experience..having lost 2 loved ones within 8 months of each other…3 yrs ago. I had my “dark days” and went through quite the grieving process..that was combined with postpartum…
Do not think it strange if you have days where you feel a combination of sadness and maybe even bouts of anger. These are part of the process..but most allow yourself the time to grieve…and to let go…and in the letting isn’t that we forget the loved is that we come to the realization that truly they would want us to be remember the best of times..the best memories and to cherish those in our hearts always.
My grieving process lasted for 2 years ..and honestly was a wee bit rough on my family.But I woke up one day and decided that o.k…it’s time to be happy remember the good, to cherish it always..and to live and grow. You’ll know in your heart when that times comes and no one can hurry you through it..your heart will know when the process is complete., but for now..allow yourself that time and know that you have a loving family, and friends in your corner.
The best to you dear Susan.

oops…forgot to enter your sweet drawing..I had the other on my mind more.
So, if you would toss my name in the jar. thanks.

katmom Grace

ok, I would be more than delighted to add my name to the drawing, after all, a farmgal can never have enough aprons.
As always, you remain in my prayers.
farmgirl hugz to you & your family.
grace >^..^<

Praying for you. Thanks for including me in the mason jar.

Hi Susan!

Thanks so much for doing a giveaway! What a beautiful apron. It reminds me of my mom and grandmom cooking in the kitchen when I was little. Good memories…..
I’d like to have my name in the drawing too!

I hope you feel better soon. Hang in the…it will get better. HUGS to you sweetheart!

Prayers and hugs. And what a wonderful offer to toss my name in the jar. Thanks so much.

I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling down. I am new to your blog so I don’t know what it’s about but I hope that you will be feeling better very soon. ((hugs))

Could you please add me to your drawing? Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

I just read your below post and realized what happened. I am so very sorry for your loss…I can’t imagine what you must be going through – words are inadequate- I hope and pray that you will find comfort, peace, and much healing.

Please enter me into your drawing, add me to your jar!

Keeping you in prayer…

Lori J.

OH! Would you please add my name to your drawing!? Thank you. I love your blog.
Blessings to you.


Did you say apron? Well, it just so happens that I L-O-V-E aprons. Please add me to the list!

Please add me to your drawing. I love reading your blog.

I would love to be added to your drawing. I think it is a wonderful thing you’re doing. I am also praying for you. You pop into my mind quite often.

That sweetgum picture is lovely, but wow, do they hurt when you step on them barefooted! I think I still have scars from all of my accidents when I was little. I make my girls wear shoes now when they’re in the back of our house since we have tons of those on the ground.

I like to write encouragement notes when I’m struggling with saddness, so your giveaway idea is perfectly sweet and a step toward healing. I would like to be entered into the huge mason jar and possibly be the recipient of your gift of love.

I am so sorry for your great loss and deep sorrow, and I pray that as you move forward slowly your heart will be mended.


I love vintage aprons and still have some of my grandmothers!


I love that apron! I love your blog too!

Oh please add me! I need an apron simply because I am too lazy to sew one myself.

Be blessed my friend.

Ann in Louisiana

I would love to be entered in your contest! And my prayers are with you during this difficult time.


I’d love to be added to the drawing too Susan!!! But what I’d really like is to give you a big farmgirl hug! A little comfort! Take care of yourself sweetie!!! XXXOOO Debi(mima)

Wow! How kind of you to be thinking of giving to others some of your favourite things…
I want to give you one of my favourite things in hopes of lifting your spirits – a hug (as well as a listening ear). My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care.

I would love to be included in your drawing…
and because I’m not so good with words…A great big hug a comin’ your way.

I would love to be in your drawing too.
Like all the other gals I am keeping you in my daily prayers. You take care…(((((HUGS))))


Is your giveaway opened worldwide ???… If it’s so, you can add a French name into your Mason Jar !!!! Hugs from France !


I would love to have my name in your mason jar. It is so kind of you to do this at this time in your life. My thoughts have been with you and I am sure you know, all you can do is take one day at a time. I hope you find support from your many friends in the world of blogs.
Kathy in Kentucky.


Susan, please add my name to your jar. I know that a box of goodies from you will be really wonderful. I hope that you have been able to sleep and start to recover physically from taking care of your dear Mom. Be kind to yourself.

Sorry you are feeling blue. Hope the clouds lift soon! Winning your goodie box would definately get rid of any blues I might have! Pick me – pickme!

What a wonderful, wonderful apron! I would like to be entered in the drawing. Please take care. I will pray for you.


Oh dear Susan, sending you hugs and prayers to help you through these hard days, stay strong! I’d be honored to have a chance to win one of your aprons, please add me to the list!


I love to pop over for a visit, and would be thrilled to have my name in your jar (Let alone to win it!!;). I am just recovered from a year long depression (a real vale of darkness) and wish you so much love and hugs from your near and dear, being as we here cannot actually reach you!

Dearest Susan~

Sending lots of hugs and good thoughts to you during this time. I will keep you all in my prayers. I am so glad that I found your blog when I came back to try to find your soap store. I now have a different server which has made life more simple.
Have a nice day!
By the way I wanted to ask you about your thoughts on bedroom colors.
Hugs~ Renee B.
Mama to four dumplins


Susan, please add my name to the mason jar. I love the apron fabric and we all know your soap is the best but the most important thing is I hope this generous giveaway lightens your spirits.

hello- i would like to go in the pot for the apron! it would be so pretty and nice to have while cooking. good luck!


I’d love to be added to the jar. I want to share it with my sister. She lost her Maryjanes farm recipe book. Thanks, my prayers are with you and the family.

oooh ooh! please enter me as well. great site! and aprons are the best.



Please add my name to the getting crowded Mason Jar. I have been reading for a long time and this is my first post. I don’t have an apron to my name and I figure if I am blessed enough to win this one it will make my working in the kitchen a special treat. I noticed your bar of soap also and look forward to ordering some for myself when you get up and running again.

Kind thoughts,


I’ve been visiting your blog for quite some time now (I love it!) but have never left a comment till now. I’m sorry to hear about your mom…hugs your way to you and your family.

Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you.

ohhhhhhhh! please put my name in the jar!

nothing like a pretty apron to make you feel pretty and feminine!

(((susan))) thinking about you lovie!

WoW!!! What a great blog!
Please add me to your contest! (I just made a mess of myself in the kitchen last night. Not good! LOL)

Oh, please put my name in the hat…oh, jar. This house needs more aprons and whatnot!! Hugs to you, Lisa C.

OK Suzi- you got me hooked. I have one apron of yours and LOVE it, gotta get me another.
Loads of love to you dear!

Please add my name to the jar! My apron is about to bite the dust!

quilt8305 (MJF Farmgirl)

Please put my name in your jar – your aprons are lovely.


Connie C.

Please add my name to your mason jar! The apron is just beautiful and reminds me of one of my Mama’s when I was a young girl. Sweetgum ball brought back a lot of memories of our yard when I was a girl too (the photo was beautiful—Rachel is a really good photographer !). You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers

Oh, I would love to play! Please put my name in the jar…


I love aprons too. I have been sewing them like crazy! I plan to make all my friends one for Christmas. Please put me in the drawing.