Am I only making things worse???

I got back home this morning at 6:30 from taking Husband to the airport. I talked to him when he got to Atlanta and then when he made it to Boston. His plane is in flight to Milan and should arrive there between midnight and 1 am. I came home this morning and went back to bed! Slept another 3 hours and when I woke up I started cleaning out my shoppe and storage room…I dont know if I am making things better or worse! But I *think* eventually it wil be much much better. I am probably half through and will be gone tomorrow so I will finish on Wednesday. Then Thursday I hope to sew and sew and sew. I will be putting some ready made aprons in my online shoppe as soon as possible. I thought it best to stay busy today. I am not really okay until I know Husband has made it to work.

Anywho, I am pretty pooped so I am off to bed. I will be posting some recipes and such tomorrow. Until then…here a couple of pictures of treats we made for our Early Thanksgiving.

Thanks to all of you who left compliments on the room…it is looking so pretty.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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When my ex husband went away (he was military and often away from home) I found that keeping busy was the best thing for keeping my mind occupied! Those are delicious looking cookies and whatever is in the mug looks pretty scrumpy too! Are we going to get the recipes? (fingers crossed here!)


I can’t wait to see the aprons, your multitude of talents amazes me although it shouldn’t. I’ve always know what a talented and smart lady you are. I can’t wait to hear about your upcoming getaway when you get back. Enjoy, we’ll miss you but it’s going to be wonderful.