Christmas Cake Anyone?

“Isn’t that a fruitcake?” asked Husband.  “No, people don’t like fruitcake.  These are going to be Christmas Cakes.  BIG difference.  One is edible, one is not.” I tell him.  “Oh, so it’s a different recipe?” he askes.  “No, same recipe.  Different outcome.”

You all know what I mean don’t you?  You can call something one thing and it not be good at all.  Rename it and there you go!  Success!

Anyway, I do know a few people who LOVE fruitcake.  Good fruitcake.  Not bought fruitcake.  Me being one of those people.  OH! Excuse me, I meant Christmas Cake.  I LOVE Christmas Cake.  Anywho…I have my fruit soaking in brandy and honey and will get them made in the next day or so and put to rest for the holiday.  I will post a tutorial as we make them.  YUM.  I got inspired reading over at Cherry’s forum.

And we had a wonderful supper.  Steak, twice cooked potatoes, salad and homemade feta and oregano biscuits.  I will get the recipes posted soon!

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I must admit. I am a fruitcake lover. Homemade and store bought. I’m not ashamed. Believe it or not, I love the fruitcake from Family Dollar that comes it the white box the best of all. Alas, I must stay away from all cakes for the time being but once you give us that recipe…I’m taking out my pans! LOL

Deanna 🙂

You could call it Chocolate cake, and I STILL wouldn’t eat it.

Hello – How do you make feta? I would love to have a go at that and the oregano biscuits sound like they’d go really well.
Do you ice your Christmas cake in a fancy way? My MIL always makes us a plain Christmas cake so I don’t usually do one as it would hardly be needed but I quite fancy making one to ice this year. DH doesn’t like marzipan though but I guess he could always pick it out!

Oh Barbara, that was a bit of a typo…it should have said Homemade Biscuits WITH feta and oregano. Sorry…I haven’t tackled making cheese just yet, though I have a friend who really wants us to give it a whirl. AND another friend who will begin milking goats in the Spring…might try it sometime.

I have never iced a Christmas cake. I am NOT a fan of marzipan either. So I suppose this one will just have the normal glaze from being “fed” over the next few weeks.

We will have so many sweet things at the holidays that icing won’t be missed I think. Last year we made a Buche de Noel and it was a BIG hit so I will make another one this year. What isnt delish with real whipping cream???

Oh I also make a lovely fruitcake cookie…easy and oh my it is terrific and even people who hate fruitcake love these. I will get the recipe on here soon. I am thinking of having a separate place for recipes…what do you think?

I do believe you are my culinary soul mate…

Your dinner sounds awesome especially the biscuits!


I don’t like xmas cake but I do try to make two or three for family members at Christmas – they always go down a treat 🙂

I’d love to come by for dinner. Sounds wonderful. I would have to skip on the cake. Not a fan of fruit christmas cake.


Christmas Cake, Fruit Cake, no matter what you call it or how you slice it, I LOVE it! Reminds me I better get making mine for this year!


We love Christmas cake too! I make one with all the dried and glace fruits, prunes and the like that have been marinated in the brandy and Grand Marnier. Then I put in a spoon of cocoa, ground almonds and chopped toasted almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, a spoonfull each of marmalade, plum and apricot jam, zests, + the fruit cake things. I usually don’t ice them, although I am one of the odd ones, and I love marzipan! You’ve inspired me and I had better get cracking.