Christmas Past

I was digging thru some things (supposed to be cleaning but you know how that goes)and found this picture…

On the back it says Christmas 1962.  I would have been 3. Cool car huh? It was turquoise with a white stripe. I remember it very well.  And how about those petticoats? Scratchy I would imagine.   This picture was taken at my paternal grandparent’s house.  Just thought I would share it.

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What a beautiful picture! Sure took me back in my own memories. I hated wearing crinolines. they sure did itch!!! Love the car!

So very cute !!! I wish I had a car that “cool” looking, lol !!

Thank you for sharing.

I love this photo~ cute! Don’t you wish you still had that vintage car? Love the barkcloth curtains, and that vintage cake keeper I’m seeing over to the right…great Christmas tree!