Even Cats Like a Little Something Sweet

I made a batch of Turkish Delight yesterday morning.  Strawberry flavor.  It smelled divine and was setting up nicely.  If you have ever made Turkish Delight you know it has to set for a couple of days uncovered for the most part and then cut and so on and so forth.  Well, I forgot to cover it last night and Seamus and Mo or both delighted in the Delight.  So I dumped the whole pan in the trash.  Crikey.  The weather looks iffy today…a bit cloudy so I will not be making fudge today.  Tomorrow is to be clear and cooler (some might say cold) and I will make fudge tomorrow. And I have about 7-8 more kinds of cookie dough to get in the freezer. Plus make these Christmas cakes- Rachel is going to help with the tutorial.   Why all the goodies you ask?  Well, Husband is taking back a duffle bag full of sweets, cookies, biscuits, nosh…what have you.  It is holiday time and he always took tons of homemade goodies to work with him when he was in the States so why change a great tradition?  I will try to type up recipes as I go.  Today’s first cookie is Pistachio Slices.  I will get them put away and get the Christmas cakes baked and see how much time I have left.

AND I have to get to sewing this week.  Apron orders and I need new cloth napkins so I am going to whip up several dozen as time permits.   And sometime in the next few days I must get my pansies set in the window boxes.

So later gators!

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My goodness! Just reading your post makes me tired! Now that our weather has turned colder, I am going to start baking. It keeps the house nice and cozy!

Hope the kitties don’t get upset tummies!