Home again!

Houston was just dandy! We got a suite at the Hilton Post Oak uptown and it was very nice.  Good service.  The suite was about as big as our house!  Well, not quite but it was very accommodating.


The exhibit of Lucy was amazing but NO PICTURES!  Rats. Silly rules.  So here is one from the web site.


The whole exhibit was very interesting and we enjoyed it as we have everything we have attended there.  However, to be honest, I enjoyed the French Impressionist exhibit we went to at the  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston back in the Spring.

We did some shopping at the Galleria and ate at The Cheesecake factory. Got Rachel a Christmas gift…she picked it out so no surprise but it is an adorable grey peacoat!

Husband took us girls to Anthropologie and then next door was Williams Sonoma where I picked up a Christmas present for Oldest Daughter.  We also went to  The Container Store where I would have loved to purchase wrapping paper for the holidays but I think it is against some rule to spend more on the wrapping than you do the gift. But I did again pick up a gift for Oldest Daughter for Christmas.

I think the highlight of Husband’s trip was grocery shopping at Central Market.   We spent several hours in there and still got home about 5:30 yesterday afternoon.  We had a lovely snack late last night of the sweetest grapes I have ever eaten, brie, caviar and a glass of wine while we relaxed and watched Notting Hill.

I am having photo software problems.  Kodak EasyShare has some of my pictures “frozen” and I can’t manipulate them.  I will figure it out later.  Most of the Halloween pictures are “stuck”and not very good anyway.  Here are a few ~not great but pictures nonetheless. decoratingcookies.jpg

Rachel is decorating the cookies…arent the spiderwebs so cute?


This is Rachel’s collar for her Cleopatra costume…would you believe after all the work, she forgot to put it on before I got this picture with Michelle’s girls and Benjamin as Pugsley…


then didnt get another!  I am going to make her put it all on and let me get a picture “full attire”.  It was too cute not to get a good picture. I will also try to get a photo of the Halloween tree to load.

Okay ~ now some more remodeling pictures.  These are our new tables Husband finished just before the party.  They turned out lovely.  We are not finished with the sofa table.  Husband is getting a piece of glass cut for the top and I am putting family pictures down and then glass on top…kinda of an open scrapbook table. table1.jpg


You can at least see our Halloween vase.  It has black roses and Devil’s Walking sticks painted black.

So…that’s it for today.  I have got a PILE of laundry and have to get the kitchen straight.   Husband is making stir fry tonight with all the lovely vegetables we bought yesterday at Central Market.

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😥 Williams and Sonoma…..I want to shop at one….. 😥

Look at how lovely your living room turned out! The tables and hardwood floors are gorgeous (sp?!!) Those cookies look too perfect as well. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Oh my heck, don’t you just LOVE that part of Houston? The Container Store & Williams Sonoma that close together. I swoon…

Great job decorating those Halloween cookies. They actually look like the ones I purchased at the local bakery!! Good job, good job.




Great Halloween pictures of the kids and my goodness your husband did a lovely job on those tables. They are really nice! Oh, and the cookies aren’t too shabby either!

That has to be the best-looking and ugliest couch/sofa/daybed/whatever I have ever seen.

Kudos to you and your sense of style!!!

I mean it with my best intentions at heart, of course. It’s amazing how something so gaudy can look so perfect in the right setting, isn’t it??? It doesn’t seem to be out of place at all. 🙂 Very classy. 🙂

It might help your feelings a little to know it is actually a lovely “butter” color and not tan like the photo depicts. However…you might still think it hideous. I happen to love it! But hey, different strokes.

Nicole, we had a lovely time and yes I LOVE that part of Houston too! And then Anthropologie right next door too! I LOVE that place!

I told Rachel she received compliments on her lovely Halloween cookies. She can’t wait to do Christmas ones.

No, no. Never hideous. I adore finds like that. Stand alone, it screams back at you. But what you have done with it is lovely. Truly.

Funny it is brand new…well a year old. We bought it for two reasons…one big bottom cushion so children couldnt “ride” them off the sofa! I hate to sit on a sofa and have one end of the cushion pop up or slide out from under you…And we needed a solid color to match all the other fabrics in the room…which are varied only same “scheme” red, butter, green and tie them together.