Making Soap Like a Mad Woman!

I have made 21 batches in the past three days…cooked, done laundry, and even worked on cleaning up my shoppe!  So I am taking a little break and thought I would share a photo or two with you.  I wish I had time to type up a couple of recipes but that will have to be later on in the week. AND we are having our Thanksgiving next Saturday since Husband has to leave on Monday morning at the crack of dawn.  Or before actually.

And tomorrow I am going to sew a good bit.  I have a couple of apron orders to get out.  PLUS I have got to finish my cookbooklet.  Have any of you figured out how to get more hours out of a day??? I sure need to!

Rachel made herself a lightbox.  Yeah, I didnt know what that was either.  But it is to take “professional” still life photos.  Pretty good I think.  She made it from a cardboard box, tissue paper and a piece of poster board.  Oh and of course Duct Tape.  You pretty much have to have Duct Tape to build anything. Right?


So my week will be busy but I will check in with you and post a couple of things as I have time.  OH and I have to post my Spicy/Smokey Cheddar Cracker recipe…they were so SO yummy.  Here’s a picture of them…recipe as soon as I can get it typed up!


I have to make Husband a ton of stuff to take back to work with him…this is one of those things.  If I have already told you this please disregard!  I am so busy I dont know what I have told you!  Tuesday I will make his fudge, Wednesday Chipotle Party Mix,  Saturday our Thanksgiving, and then next Sunday will be spent baking cookies and getting him ready for his trip back to work.  When he comes back in it will be Christmas.  I can’t believe it.  I have to get busy!!!

Talk to you all real soon, I promise!

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Oh my, I’m pooped just reading about your day! lol I enjoyed it, a good kind of busy isn’t it! Hope you take some time for yourself soon!

Beautiful blog! Gorgeous page header. What a lovely life you have, I’m looking forward to exploring all the archives and reading your new posts.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Oh boy, I so can relate to trying to squeeze in more hours in the day. Too bad I don’t require at least seven hours a night of sleep – too bad I cannot be like Martha Stewart and survive and function like a normal person with only four hours of sleep. I’m afraid I’d be a walking zombie.

I found your blog via Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage. Love your items that you make!!!! Too cute! What a sweet giveaway that you made up! Tina is a lucky gal to have won it!! For sure!

If you have a minute, stop by for a visit. I am having a little Christmas giveaway with some handmade goodies.

Nice to meet you!!!


The cheddar crackers look fantastic. Your husband certainly is a lucky man to have you do all that cooking for him to take away. What’s chipotle party mix?
I could do with quite a few more hours in some days but the only way I know how to get them is stay up late and sleep less!

Those look really yummy and that apple looks fantastic! I bought myself a lightbox not too long ago. I could have saved myself some money!

Wow. 21 batches of soap? Insane!