Music Giveaway!

You know I have never talked about music on my blog. Music is kinda a personal choice to me. I like everything from Mozart to Snoop Dogg. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch but I do like ALL kinds of music. However I dont normally tell others what kinda music they should listen to. Having said that….you have to hear this band.
Yes, I have a particular interest in this band. My little grandson’s mom is in this band…Sons of William. Jen is an amazing musician and believe me, her talent has rubbed off on my little sweetie Sam.

Do yourself a favor and visit their myspace link above and take a listen. And then leave me a comment and I will put your name in my BIG old mason jar and you could win a copy of their CD. It really is good. No, its great. Blues/rock…personal. Their single being played on smart radio stations is Smile. Its amazing…but I think my favorite is Vicious World.

I am just a bit impressed with this group. And frankly, even if I didn’t have a personal interest, I would still be listening to them. Drawing will be held on December 1st!

Side note: Zach is doing fairly well considering his ordeal last night. Continue to keep him in your thoughts. This will not be easy to get over. Our family has never had a violent experience and really dont know how to feel about it.

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I just took a listen, and they are WONDERFUL:)
No wonder you are proud!!! Thanks for sharing with us!



My husband would LOVE this CD. If I don’t win your freebie I may just have to order him one for Christmas!!


again, praying for your son & yourself.


throw my name in the hat please! i’d love to own that cd!


ohh, me too! Love to win a copy! Thanks!


Throw my name in the drawing! Never heard of this band before but listened to the clip on MySpace and love it!
Hope your son is filled with peace about his ordeal yesterday – how horrible that must have been!

Awesome group! How proud you must be. I loved listening, thanks for including a link.


Awesome CD! Thanks for sharing.


Pretty cool music!

Cindi Hoppes

Hi, Music can be so soothing to the soul. They have a wonderful sound! Please enter me in your fabulous contest. Thanks,Cindi

Just listened. Not normally my kind of group, but they are good. I think I could listen to them. At least I can make out the words. . . normally, I can’t with today’s music. Good luck to them.

God’s peace to your son. I’d still be shaking if that happened to me.



Not normally my kind of music, but I do think that this group are destined for great things! You should be so proud! I will continue to keep your son in my prayers and thoughts.

Nice music…and they have some really cool gigs lined up.

My husband and I just listened and think they are great! I agree with all who say this group is destined to go far. Please add me to your drawing.

Your poor son…I can’t imagine having to go through what he did. Or about having something like that happen to one of my children.

I will include your family in my prayers.

Fab music, Susan!! In fact, I do believe that my son would love their cd. (And so would I.) He has such a wide love of music of all kinds, and this is right up his alley. 🙂
I was sad to see that we just missed their Atlanta gig. 🙁 Maybe next year!


I love new music, and also like all kinds of music. This band sounds great and what fun to have contact with one of the members. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Tag! You’re it. Only if you want to play along, of course!

Must be your day for tags! here’s one from me too :0
Hope that the family is doing OK. I haven’t stopped thinking about what happened and wishing you all the best.