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Thanksgiving Countdown

I have two whole days to get ready for our family feast. This morning after my coffee I will go to the grocery and buy the rest of our meal and then return and made a few cookie doughs to go in the freezer until tomorrow. Tomorrow I will get up baking and getting pies ready and then Saturday’s the big day. I got a call first thing this morning that one of my brothers and his family (and a couple of friends) will be here. I thought we might just cook a ham and a turkey but I think I will buy a whole ribeye and cook it like a roast to go along. OH I have to make my cornbread today as well – for the dressing. The coffee pot just dinged so coffee is ready. Gotta run. Next week I will have more time for posting! And pictures of the remodel and our Thanksgiving and some recipes to go along with all that.


A Lovely, Lovely Book!


I hear tell this will be published in the US  – no news of when sooo…with that in mind, if I were you (and you were me), I would bop over to and purchase a copy and YES, Jane Brocket’s book is worth the fact that you pay almost as much for postage and the book.  Trust me.  It is absolute eye candy AND so full of beautiful things…ideas, ideas & more ideas.  You just will LOVE it.  Promise.  And add her blog to your favorites and stay tuned…I think she’s just getting started!  I have to admit I have a thing for British and French books…and other things British and French.  I am about to introduce you VERY soon to a new blog to be keep by me and my girls… April in Paris…yep if all goes as planned we will be in Paris in April.  Oh. My.  Can it be true?



Man, I hate being right.

First words out of Husband’s mouth this morning after “Good Morning” — “You were right, I am not going to finish all the living room before Christmas.”  I just said “I know.”  I am not the least bit upset or surprised.  It is looking so perfect, there is no way to rush this quality of craftsmanship.  Plain and simple.  He said “I know you are upset.”  Nope, not even a smidgen. It is so beautiful how could I be upset?  The end where our tree will go will be finished and the white wall on the opposite end will get finished after the festivities.  It is to be a HUGE wall of book cases and all the books are packed and in a storage facility so no rush.  Here’s a little peek.


I didnt realize how much I loved oak until it was up on this end of the room.  More pictures when it is all finished.

I have soap to deliver today to a local shoppe that has been selling my soap since I began in 1999.  Yep I have been at this a long time.  And believe it or not, I sold out of Farmgirl Clean™ almost as soon as I put it on the website.  So I have to make more and more and more!

I have aprons cut out and I will do quite a bit of sewing today as well.

On Friday we have tickets to see The Shreveport Little Theater production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” !


One of our all time favorite books – we are excited!  A few other homeschoolers and the children’s librarian from our local library are going to meet up.

Gotta run, Husband is hooking up our new, improved, faster, modem, thingy.  See you all again soon…with some recipes and pictures of aprons!

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