Retro Cookbook Finds!

I told you a few posts back I would share my latest retro cookbook/magazine finds with you. Here they are! Now tell me WHY do people who obviously know they are collectibles put those dang white stickers on the covers????? GRRRR.


I LOVE this image…Dad (or grandpa maybe!) is grilling…inside…in a suit!!!!


How cute is that??? Now Husband has grilled in work clothes, swim trunks, insulated coveralls (too cold for grilling but it sure was good!), pajamas…but never a suit!

I am not ignoring the tags! I will get to them…maybe later today. Got a full plate today…been under the weather now for what seems like a very long time…I hate colds! So I am up and running again. I think I need to be 24 hours without Nyquil before I attempt them!

Oh I and the little retro cookbooks have some pretty interesting things in them…I will get them posted as well.

So its how long till Christmas???? 25 days??? Are you kidding? Nope…25 days! Right now I am listening to Christmas with Dino. I have always LOVED Dean Martin. Grew up listening to him, watching his TV program. I felt like an uncle died when he passed.

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hey pallie, so nice to meet ‘nother Dinolover. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as our King of Cool. Oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth! Keep listenin’ to those Dinowinter Dinotunes!


Oh so glad to know there is someone else in my age range that loves Dean Martin!! I too grew up listening to him & now my kids are getting to listen. I don’t know if they appreciate that or not as they are only 9 & 6 – but I must cultivate their musical interests!!

Just LOVE “Silver Bells.”


Great finds! I love retro cookery books and pamphets!! I miss the old Christmas variety shows with Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, etc. One of my favourites used to be the Red Skelton Christmas special though. It was always marvelous. I loved the old tramp!

Hey pallie Laura, so glad to hear you are raisin’ your children properly….it is never too early to get them lovin’ our King of Cool. It is so refreshin’ to find more and more of today’s youth who are diggin’ our Dino…insurin’ that the Dinolegacy will last for Dinoever!

I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas. There is nothing like listening to Dean Martin music during the holiday season. Dino can sing a Christmas tune like no other. What a voice and one cool dude.