We have much to be thankful for tonight.

My oldest son was robbed at gunpoint tonight. He and another employee were closing (he works for a mobile phone company) and some men came in with guns. They put the gun to my son’s head, duct taped him up and locked him in a storage room. They forced the other employee into the back and took all the money from the safe. My son was able to get out of the tape and call 911. I am shaking. And so mad. I cannot believe people. They held a gun to his head. I am so stunned. My tummy hurts. He assured me he is fine. Just a little bruised where they shoved him down and duct taped his hands behind him and then shoved him in the storage room.

He’s home. He is a bit shook up. To say the least. All he could think of was his little son. We are very thankful and realize how in a split second it all could have been different. On the security camera he saw where the person tried to get back in the storage room with him after he put him in there – thank goodness it had a key pad lock thing. The guy probably realized he hadnt take Zach’s phone. Or wallet. I dont think I will be okay for a while. It just makes me sick.

Please when you are shopping at night be aware of your surroundings. Be cautious. It is a bad time of year for this kind of thing. Lots of money changing hands.

I am a little nauseous. AND so so so thankful he is okay. He said the other employee was not doing well at all.

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How horrible, but what a relief that minor bruises were the worst of it. Something to be thankful for indeed.

Laura of Harvestlane

Praise God for His protection and loving kindness!
Rejoicing with you!


Thank God he was not hurt or worse!!! It is such a frightening experience. My husband and I used to work at a small service station that was busy but kind of out of the way. We were robbed three times. Very scary and I don’t think you ever quite get over it!

Oh my goodness. How absolutely terrible. I’m so thankful your son is OK. Thank God they were not hurt. Hopefully, the security camera will give the police a good idea of what these men look like and catch them before they rob more stores and people. . . or worse!!



I am so relieved that your son was not too physically hurt by this. What a scare. I will give my family extra hugs today and think of you all…


So sorry to hear about your son..what a nightmare!! Our house was robbed a year ago and it took awhile to get back to normal..I pray for your family..


Of course you are upset and frightened…anyone would be! Your son sounds like a very composed young man. I commend him. Thanking God that your son is alive and that whatever future problems with fear that he (or you) might have that it might be completely removed knowing that in God’s hands one is perfectly safe.

God is so faithful. I am so glad that He was watching out for your boy.

Giving God thanks with you.

This is what the world is coming to and by the grace of God, He is there to protect His own.

Praying that you will be able to get this settled in side of yourself.


I am so glad they are Ok. What a terror the night must have been for them and I can only imagine the feelings you had upon hearing of your son’s ordeal!


Oh my God! I am so thankful he is fine. I will pray for his continued safety & your peace of mind.


I’m praising God that He protected your son!


I am glad your son is ok. I cannot imagine what you are going through. Prayers being sent your family’s way.


Oh my goodness that is scary! I’m just so glad that he is okay. Makes me want to keep my boys home forever!!

I am so sorry that this has happened to your son and your family. What an awful trauma to go through. I am not surprised you feel nauseated and angry.
I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but I know I probably can’t.
That was a generous gesture to warn all of “us” to be careful at night – my thoughts really do go out to you.


Praise be to God! I’m so thankful that he is okay; I shudder to think of what could have happended. Sounds to me like he had guardians angels watching over him and keeping him safe. God is so good!


I hope all your souls are healing from this terrible experience. Thank God that all are safe…


Dear Susan, I didn’t come to read your blog for few days and what I read today is really terrible ! Our world is becoming crazy, I’m afraid…Hopefully, your son is Ok… Many hugs for you and him !