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Welcome 2008 and Jack Frost!

I think I will curl up with a cup of my VERY special blend coffee mixed with cocoa and whipped cream – kinda cocoa with a kick! Don’t forget the sprinkles!


There is to be a cold wind a blowin’ in the morning!  Happy HAPPY New Year to all of you!  Look for a giveaway this coming week…gotta start the New Year off right!


Safe and Sound & a Question…

Hannah arrived safe and sound.  She talked to us about 6-7 times from the time we checked her baggage.  We called her when we got home and she was having a ball.  The parents are just as nice as her friend (we knew they would be) and the pets loved her.  I think they have quite an agenda for the next few days.  See the Atlantic, go to the outlet mall (I can so see her coming home with a Coach handbag), and mostly just visiting with her friend.  We will go pick her up on Thursday afternoon.  It is good practice for me navigating the airport since that is where we will be flying out of in April.  It seem very well run and organized.  I know that is not the case in all large airports according to Husband. 

We did a little shopping and at at the Outback for the big birthday.  And still got home before 10pm.  

Now my question: What are you happy people cooking these days.  Nothing sounds terribly appetizing after the amount of food we consumed over the holidays.  I am very proud that I havent gained any weight over the past month – unless of course it is a delayed reaction and I will wake up one day unable to pull on my pants!  

Also I have started posting recipes over on The Farmhouse Gourmet – I wanted a place to keep all my recipes together.  So I will attempt over the next few weeks, to move some of them and eventually all of them – I will then begin to just link to that site instead of posting both places. There will be categories so they will be easier to find for everyone.  This hopefully, will become more my sewing/crafting/personal blog.  Then there is the April in Paris blog…which is sorely neglected at this moment but I do have things to post there…just havent had time. 


A Very Big Step & A VERY Happy Birthday

at this house.  Our daughter Hannah embarks on her first ever plane trip – alone – to a big city – to visit a friend and her family until Thursday.  I am happy for her. Scared for her.  Sad for Rachel – she will miss her terribly.  Needless to say we are a very close knit family.  She is however, 19 and at her age I was married and had a child so I think she can do this without a hitch.  We are driving her to Houston to catch her flight and she will arrive at her destination before we get back home.  My little country girl being in a big city puts my whole fear of flying into perspective.  To me that is a much bigger deal.  I will give her my warnings today, no matter how redundant and obvious they may be. 

Today is Husband’s birthday!  We will catch a good meal on the way home from the airport to celebrate.  We rarely do much for his birthday as it is SO close to the holidays.  Next year will be a little different.  EVERYONE should have a party on their 50th dont you think?  

And now quickly a recipe.  This lovely concoction was my version of a Lemon Sorbet recipe made in my new Cuisinart Ice Cream maker.  There is little point in me giving you the directions part of the recipe – they would vary depending on your maker.  But these are the proportions. 


Tart, yet sweet.  Here goes:

Raspberry Lemon Sorbet 

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup club soda, or lemon lime soda
  •  1  1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1 TBSP grated lemon zest
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries (to be added at the end of the preparation time)

I better get busy…we have a big day today.  It will be very strange having one of my little chicks missing from the nest for a few days. 

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