Christmas Confections: Part Deux & a question…

or Partie Deux De Confections De Noël 

I talk to Husband every morning, and he always asks: Travaillez-vous à votre Français ? ummm…not enough?? Is that the most honest answer?  I don’t work on my French enough.  Not near enough.  What do I have mastered? Bonjour. Baguette et fromage et café s’il vous plait.  Merci. So I won’t starve anyway. AND I have a tutor hired for January thru March. Maybe that will help.  Actually she will not only refresh the girls’ French, teach me a little (hopefully), but also help us prepare on a cultural level and dispense travel tips.  

Well as usual I got a bit side tracked when I started making candy.  I opened the refrigerator and there was eggnog.  YUMMY.  I know, I know…bought eggnog ~ but it is about the only kind I would have.  I like it…a lot…but not enough to make it from scratch.  Especially since Ben and I and one of my brothers are the only ones who would drink it.  Of course this is non-spiked eggnog.  Dairy and alcohol do NOT mix in my opinion.  I had a bad experience with Mudslides once and couldnt even drink a glass of wine for over a year.  But back to the original subject.  There was the eggnog.  So I said to myself: “Self, that surely would be delicious in a confection.”  And so eggnog fudge was my goal.  And it worked beautifully!  I just took my old stand by “16 large marshmallow” fudge recipe and substituted the eggnog for the evaporated milk and added a tsp or so of freshly ground nutmeg at the end. Wow  Yummy! 

I didnt get to post yesterday…internet was cranky.  And I didnt have time to waste waiting on it.   

Lots of things to share and maybe if I get my work done today I will have time. I am SOOO behind telling you about our Christmas Movie watching.   

Oh…not to forget my question.  Okay, I would LOVE to wear contacts instead of glasses.  However, I don’t seem to be able to keep my eyes hydrated enough.  I definitely have the Dry Eye.  I need bifocals and I am on my second trial pair.  If any of you are middle aged, post menopausal and have successfully mastered the contact dilemma,  please advise.  Honestly if I am not watching TV I don’t wear my glasses.  I can see fine without them indoors and for close work.  I have to squint at times and find that “perfect distance from my face” for close work like sewing, but it is better than glasses, you know? 

Today, is cookie baking day.  I will get all the cut outs done this morning – both gingerbread and sugar cut outs and get them back in the freezer till the weekend when Rachel will work her art on them. I will be taking some pictures so stay tuned.  

I hope you are all getting your holiday preparations accomplished.   There is much to do, and little time!

Oh and my friend Michelle brought me the cutest apron she made me yesterday.  My camera battery is charging but when I can snap a picture I will put it up for all to see…so so cute! 

Là vous l’avez!




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Susan, please post the recipe for the eggnog fudge when you get the chance. My husband LOVES eggnog & he would just flip if I made him this fudge. Have a great day & keep warm


Greetings, I am a…er… lurker… who enjoys your blog. I’ve been popping in for a couple of months now. I wore contacts and lived in Alberta, Canada – notoriously dry air. Once in a while a contact would pop off my eye! I constantly put eyedrops in to keep my eyes moist, however my optometrist had a procedure she did for her own eyes. I have no idea how much this costs and I’d never heard of it before. She had her tear ducts blocked (plugged?). It made her eyes moist and voila, away she went.

I went from bifocals to trifocals. I don’t recall which one meant that, even while wearing contacts, I still needed reading glasses to see up close!! Now I wear contacts if I’m going out for part of the day, or to a party or something.

Your recipes are very interesting and sound great. I might just try the eggnog/fudge one and I’ll have to scroll back through some of the older ones.

I read through your old posts but must have missed the post where you described your hubby’s job…. what does he do? I did read he travels overseas regularily for his work, which means you are sole parent for stretches at a time. Much like a military wife then, although he isn’t military. My spouse just retired after 23 years in the military, so he used to come and go frequently.

We aren’t used to seeing him on a regular basis!

Merry Christmas from New Brunswick, Canada.


Hi Susan,

I’ve been wearing contacts (again!) for several years now and I also have dry eyes. My optometrist prescribed the Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus which works really well. Like you, I have always been near sited but he recommended a bifocal. With the contacts I had 2 options…
1. Wear the prescription I need for distance and have my glasses handy for close up, since I’d never be able to see otherwise close up because my distance prescription is too strong.


2. Wear my distance contact in my right eye and my contact for close up work in my left eye. He said about 80 – 90 percent of patients have no problem with this. Weird, I know!

So, I opted for Option 2 since I thought it was silly to have to have glasses on hand with option 1. And with my job all my work is pretty well close up stuff so with option 1 I’d constantly being wearing both contact and glasses which would defeat the whole purpose of wanting to wear contacts in the first place!

But, a word to the wise, when you get your contact prescription, make sure that you order a pair of glasses to have on hand for those times when your eyes are irritated, etc.

Hope this helps.


I wear glasses and have often wanted to try out contact lenses, but I think I am too old now to make the transition! Love visiting your page and reading about all your holiday activities!