Counting the hours now! And up to my eyeballs in cookies!

It is to the point now that I can tell you if all well and on schedule I will pick Husband up from the airport in 25 hours.  I spoke with him a couple of times today. He was settled in his hotel in Tunis trying to get some rest for a very long day tomorrow.  His plane leaves Tunis at 5 minutes until 2 in the morning our time.  And he wont arrive until 10 tomorrow night.  LONG day. I will hear from him when he reaches Paris and Atlanta and then we can talk as much and as often as we like – free calls within the continental US.  Poor man will pretty much have to hit the ground running as we have our big party on Sunday evening – the guest list keeps growing and that is great.  The more the merrier! We have fed 40+ in this little bitty house and the lights were out due to bad weather!  But we still had a great time.

I have baked almost all day.  Cutouts, super dupers, working on more…Cranberry Orange Oatmeal, Chocolate Chips, White Christmas Cookies.  Plus I have a birthday cake to bake for a customer from way back!  In fact she was a customer of my mother in law’s (G-d rest her soul) when she catered back in the 70’s.  It is her only grandchild’s first birthday and I am honored to make her cake.

I have worked on and off on the house too.  With that many people here it might be a moot point to do a real floor scrubbing but I will at least mop them before Sunday!  It is actually not too too bad even as busy as I have been.  It helps that I dont do laundry which as we all know is a never ending, thankless job.  The girls take care of all the laundry.  Rachel washes it all, Hannah folds and hangs up and Rachel and Ben put it away.  I have to admit I have done very little laundry in the past 20 years.  I started teaching my older kids how to do laundry when the oldest was about 9-10. And the job just keeps getting pasted down to the next ones as older ones moved out.  Dishes are another story!  Not a one of mine likes to do the dishes!  But, nonetheless, it is Ben’s job to keep the dishwasher unloaded.  And ready for the next load.  As I type this I realize I have an awful lot of help!  Rachel keeps the bathroom and the schoolroom kept.  I do the kitchen (except for putting away dishes) and who ever is up last is supposed to pick up thru the living room etc before going to bed.  We have a pretty good system.

I might be scarce for a couple of days with Husband coming home and all the party prep.  But I will be back with pictures of the festivities and more recipes!

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Enjoy your time with hubby and your early family Christmas gathering.



Have a WONDEFUL Christmas! I am sure that your mother is smiling down from heaven at all this Holiday goodness! :o)


Have Fun!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Lots of hugs!!!


How the heck did you get your kids to do all that helping??? It sounds like you are going to have a blast over the next few days! You have so much energy that it tires me out reading your blog, LOL. I will “lurk” over the next week or so, looking forward to more stories from your neck of the continent. Merry Christmas.

How fun!! We are making Saturday our cheeseball making, cookie baking, candy making day around here. I am doing the shopping for all this fun tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Christmas celebration!!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Susan! It sounds like you are well on your way to having it all prepared and ready for your husbands return. I don’t envy him having to travel at this time of year when the airports are full of weary travellers and so chaotic. Hope his trip is safe and very uneventful and that you have a very lovely Christmas together! XXOO

sounds like you have some wonderful festivities planned. have fun..which I know you will.
Merry Christmas!